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Better Financial Education (BFE) is in a merger process with Ryan Wealth Management (RWM). RWM and BFE use similar planning approaches and investment philosophies. We're a good fit.

Existing Clients: During this merger process, the Ryan Wealth Management team will reach out to introduce you to your expanded team (short bios in Meet the Team.pdf below).

BFE's phone number, email, office location, and meeting options, remain the same until the merger is completed on the 18th of Dec. At that time the team’s main contact information will switch to the below. RWM meeting options are very similar to BFE's. The BFE location will also remain available after the merger for an undetermined time until a location option in the greater Roseville area is examined by RWM.

You are welcome to contact RWM at any time prior to merger completion, if you so desire, for any questions or introduce yourself to your new team beforehand.

[Existing clients, Please note: any portfolio requests should be submitted to BFE prior to the 8th of Dec to provide sufficient time for processing before the merger completes on the 18th of Dec].

New People seeking answers or advice are welcome to contact RWM via any of the convenient methods below (Second Opinion Service).

 RWM contact information: (530) 671-2100, by email [email protected] , or by visiting their website.



Meet the Team Bios
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Welcome to Better Financial Education

You, the client, are empowered to make decisions. Most people have a general idea of what they want to accomplish but don't know how to connect those ideas, goals and wishes with their personal finances to get there. You have real world goals and desires which have financial ramifications.

You're in charge ... I work in the background with you to guide you with how the pros and cons of choices may affect your decisions

Some clients want guidance and then want to do the rest on their own. Others want both guidance, and assistance, to be sure more is done behind the scenes automatically for them and their investments earmarked for their goals and desires ... most importantly, for retirement. The choice is always yours; I help you decide and can work with, and for, you.

The ultimate goal? To provide you meaningful insights and understanding into your own financial situation. Not so much what you already know, but from different perspectives into what you don't know and see YET. That's the purpose of better financial education. Here's just one example of a perspective for retirement planning for a couple that illustrates perspectives, insights and understanding: "What Are the Phases of Retirement?"


Do I work as a Fiduciary with you (my signed oath to do so)? Yes!

And, I am a Fee-ONLY Registered Investment Adviser (NAPFA Mission, Fiduciary Oath & Code of Ethics). Fiduciary 101. You may read about my Credentials, Registrations and More here, about various considerations that are important to find an adviser that works just for you.



Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn. - Benjamin Franklin


I invite you to explore the tabs and their corresponding brief descriptions of how I may be of help to you and your financial plans and investing. Please come inside, to learn more how I may work for you, by visiting the various navigation tabs above and their links that may be of interest you.

I've designed the site where you can read it much like a short book that takes you through things so you don't miss anything through links to the next page towards the bottom of each page,


If you're seeking just education, then I invite you to visit my blog (clicking on blog link below) which has short articles on many topics relating to personal finance and other topics around it. Here is a post on how to find specific items that may be on your mind.

Please also see the Knowledge Center educational video library (by clicking on the Videos link below) for helpful insights to many things on your mind.


With all the apprehension and fears in the markets these days due to many current events ... a fundamental planning truth reminder ... your plan won't succeed if you undermine your plan's ability to succeed by trying to time the markets! Here's how market timing really works because our thoughts and feelings are always behind what the market actually does. "Stay in your seat!" means invest wisely (indexing) and for the long term (=the rest of your life is not day by day speculation).


Here's my Customer Relationship Summary (CRS) ADV Part 3 What is this?

Fees and Conflicts of Interest are discussed and expanded further in ADV Part 2 Items 4 & 5

More information may also be found via the Disclosure link at the bottom of the page.

A broader discussion of fees and methods may also be found here.



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A thought leader in the profession with numerous peer-reviewed research papers.


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