Review on Noble Gold IRA – Is It Worth Investing?

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Diversifying your portfolio is a hallmark of smart investing. From stocks and bonds to mutual funds and CDs, the investment opportunities may seem rather limited as your portfolio expands in size. However, diversification enables you to protect against market downturns, to potentially optimize your returns and even to hedge against inflation and deflation.

Investing in precious has always been an option for investors as well. The traditional investment method involved purchasing physical bars and coins and storing them at home. Of course, between a limited amount of space and security concerns, this option has been relatively undesirable to investors. Modern investors, however, now have a more convenient and secure way to invest in gold.

When you invest in a gold IRA online, you can round out your retirement portfolio while enjoying all of the benefits that come with gold investing. Through a gold IRA company like Noble Gold Investments, you can complete transactions over the phone or online. The physical gold will be securely stored for you in a reputable depository, and it will remain there until you are ready to sell.

Noble Gold is just one of many precious metals companies that make gold investing a breeze, but it stands apart from others in several notable ways. What makes Noble Gold a top choice among savvy investors?

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Review on Noble Gold IRA – Is It Worth Investing?

About Noble Gold Investments

Finding a precious metals company that is both established and trustworthy is important, so how does Noble Gold stand out in these areas? Noble Gold is a respected company with more than 20 years of experience in commodities investments. It was founded by Collin Plume, who is an economic and finance expert with previous work experience in the commercial insurance industry. He and his team understand the value that gold offers for a well-rounded portfolio, and they are passionate about helping you to take advantage of those benefits.

While you can purchase gold outside of a retirement account through Noble Gold, the company specializes in gold IRA rollovers and investments. It has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and takes pride in maintaining a high level of satisfaction among its many customers. This company stands out from others with its low-pressure approach to selling gold to its customers. It focuses on education and wants to help each customer make an investment that is in his or her best interests.

In addition to receiving personalized attention from a customer representative, investors are able to expand their knowledge and insight about gold investing through an extensive range of online resources. Noble Gold believes that investment risks can be mitigated through knowledge, and its team is always happy to answer investors’ questions.

Not all types of gold coins and bars are accepted by the IRS for precious metals IRAs. In addition, a thorough process must be followed for both gold IRA rollovers and ongoing investments. Noble Gold strives to eliminate the confusion and stress that may be felt by investors who are unfamiliar with the requirements and process. It has a straightforward account setup process that can be completed within a few minutes, and its team will guide you through the process with ease.

More than that, Noble Gold offers a great selection of IRS-approved gold products for investors to choose from. These can be purchased through an IRS-compliant process so that investors can optimize the full financial benefits of their purchases.

Noble Gold actively supports its customers throughout all stages of their investment experience. For example, it will transfer all precious metals to a secure storage facility on behalf of its customers. It also has a convenient buyback process when investors are ready to cash out their investments. Now that you are acquainted with Noble Gold, you can dig deeper to uncover the true benefits of opening a gold investment account with them.

Review on Noble Gold IRA – Is It Worth Investing?

What Are People Saying About Them?

While investors can learn a lot about a precious metals company through a detailed bio, you understandably want to know what your regular experiences with the company will be like. Many investors have had great experiences with Noble Gold, and they have taken the time to share their experiences with others.

For example, you can find a few hundred excellent reviews from real customers on the Consumer Affairs website. Reviews cover a wide range of topics, including the knowledge of customer service agents, how helpful the company’s associates are, the variety of investments available to choose from, the ease of completing a transaction and more.

In addition to being highly rated by the Better Business Bureau, Noble Gold is strongly affiliated with the Business Consumer Alliance and the Royal Canadian Mint. Plus, it has solid affiliations with, Trustlink and Noble Gold has even been honored five times as an Inc. 500 award recipient. With so many affiliations and online reviews available for you to explore, you do not have to take the word of only one source.

Any time you make an investment online with a company that you are unfamiliar with, you understandably may have a sense of uncertainty. However, because of how well-respected Noble Gold is by its customers and because of its great standing in the industry, you can make your gold investments through this precious metals company with the highest degree of confidence.

Review on Noble Gold IRA – Is It Worth Investing?

Their Focus on Educating Investors

Noble Gold, which is located in Pasadena, California, strives to support its investors’ smart investment decisions through education. It provides each new investor a free gold IRA guide that delves deeply into the benefits and establishment of a well-rounded investment portfolio. It covers the benefits of both long-term investments and retirement investments. Notably, the free guide is not a sales pitch. It provides fact-based information that helps investors decide how to proceed.

This free guide is only one of many educational resources that are available to Noble Gold’s clients. The company has a team of well-educated agents who actively answer investors’ questions knowledgeably. In addition to serving investments, Noble Gold provides detailed insights to industry professionals.

For example, it consults certified public accountants, estate planning attorneys, financial agents and others who are involved in various aspects of gold investing. Through these professional relationships, Noble Gold is able to connect customers to third parties who may specialize in specific aspects of investing. The company’s goal is to support customers with all aspects of their journey with gold investments.

There is also a great selection of online resources available for investors to learn from. In fact, the company has devoted one of its six primary website tabs to education. When you click on the “Learn” tab, you will find broad topics like Gold IRAs, Silver IRAs, Home Delivery, Investment Basics, Library and more. There are also many links to news stories available. These are updated regularly, so you can continue visiting the website to stay on top of related news and trends. All of these online resources are available for you to draw insights from at your convenience.

Review on Noble Gold IRA – Is It Worth Investing?

Royal Survival Pack

While many of Noble Gold’s customers take advantage of its gold IRA services, this gold investment company offers a Royal Survival pack as well. This is a special product that you may be hard-pressed to find elsewhere. It is not meant to be a part of a retirement plan or as a long-term investment. Instead, it is intended for quick access in the event of a financial crisis or a banking system collapse.

Gold has long been a valued commodity, and it can be easily used and traded even if other forms of paper currency have become worthless. Notably, the assets that are purchased in the Royal Survival Pack are stored in the investor’s home. This ensures that the assets are available for immediate use in an emergency situation.

Another option, however, is to store the assets in an independent depository that abides by international security standards. The Royal Survival Pack is available for an investment amount of as little as $10,000 or as much as $500,000.

Review on Noble Gold IRA – Is It Worth Investing?

Competitive Fees for Gold Investing

As you compare different gold investing companies carefully, you understandably need to pay attention to their various fees. Commonly, these companies charge annual or storage fees as well as administrative or transaction fees.

The costs of these fees vary dramatically between different gold investing companies, and they can directly impact the profitability of your portfolio. Regardless of whether you are opening a gold IRA account or you want to make long-term investments outside of your retirement portfolio, you need to know what fees will be charged by Noble Gold.

Some gold investment companies make it very difficult for investors to research fees. For example, they may not have their full fee structure outlined on their website for new investors to view. In some cases, the fee structure is complicated and difficult to understand. Noble Gold prides itself on maintaining low rates and fully disclosing its fee structure online.

If you are opening a new gold IRA, you should be aware that some taxes and fees may be triggered if you do not complete the full process within 60 days. The team at Noble Gold will work closely with you to help you avoid these triggers. Because the company has an easy rollover process, new accounts may be opened and funded within a matter of days in most cases.

Once your new IRA is established at Noble Gold, you will pay a yearly fee of $80 to $150. This fee covers storage costs at the depository. Noble Gold stores IRA assets in a secure Texas depository on behalf of its customers. Be aware that you can make investments outside of an IRA account. The minimum purchase amount for these transactions is $5,000.

Review on Noble Gold IRA – Is It Worth Investing?

Standout Services

With some gold investment companies, investors are seemingly on their own to navigate through the account setup process, purchases and more. Noble Gold provides white-glove service that covers the full gamut of the investment experience. For many new investors at Noble Gold, the experience begins with an account rollover.

Opening a gold IRA comes with exciting benefits, such as the ability to take advantage of tax benefits, the stability of gold as an investment, diversification and more. Rolling over a retirement account into a gold IRA is easy to do because of the robust support that you will receive from your customer service associate. Each investor has unique concerns, and Noble Gold’s associates will expertly answer your questions and guide you through the process.

In order to comply with IRS requirements, the gold purchased through an IRA must be stored securely. It cannot be physically held by the investor, such as through storage in a home safe. Noble Gold is directly affiliated with a reputable storage depository in Texas. This depository maintains high standards for on-site security.

It has ample room to accommodate your needs as your gold portfolio grows over the years. As part of the service that Noble Gold provides, all gold coins and bars will be transferred directly to the depository after purchase to comply with IRS requirements. If you buy gold outside of an IRA, you can take advantage of Noble Gold’s home delivery service.

Converting your gold investments back into cash is easy to do through Noble Gold. In some cases, investors are on their own after they purchase gold as a long-term investment. This means that they must find an interested buyer for their gold independently. Whether you buy gold through Noble Gold for your retirement account or for a long-term investment, you can conveniently take advantage of the company’s buyback program. The buyback program enables you to easily turn gold into cash for required minimum distributions, reallocating portfolio funds and any other purposes that you have in mind.

Review on Noble Gold IRA – Is It Worth Investing?

Benefits of Investing with this Company

There are numerous benefits associated with adding gold to your investment portfolio. Regardless of whether you invest in a gold IRA or as part of your long-term investment strategy, your investment will be a hedge against the volatility of changing value of currencies. More than that, it will buffer your portfolio’s value against the many changes to the bond and stock markets. It also comes with the peace of mind that you have a physical investment that your future self can rely on to meet your financial needs. However, why would you decide to invest with Noble Gold over other gold investment companies?

When you invest with Noble Gold, you do not have to monitor your portfolio every day. Your investment will still be working for you, but the need to manage this aspect of your portfolio regularly is eliminated. Noble Gold takes the stress of investing off of your shoulders.

Noble Gold’s customer service is second to none. A personal concierge will be assigned to your account. This individual may gradually learn about your concerns and goals, and he or she can provide personalized, expert-level guidance with your transactions and portfolio management. This means that managing your portfolio is even easier. After all, you may receive quicker and more productive service when you take advantage of Noble Gold’s services.

Gold may have a place in different areas of your portfolio. Commonly, investors will add a gold IRA to their retirement planning efforts, but they also may want to hold gold as a physical asset outside of a retirement account. Perhaps they want to keep a small stockpile of gold as a survival mechanism in the event of a worst-case scenario. All of these options are available to you through Noble Gold.

Many other gold investment companies have a specific and limited range of investment options to choose from. However, Noble Gold offers gold as well as silver and other precious metals. For these precious metals, you can choose between a variety of bars and coins to meet your needs. This enables you to fully diversify your investment portfolio.

Noble Gold’s founder started Noble Gold with the intention of helping others grow wealth while taking full advantage of gold’s benefits. More than that, he has created a full team that is passionate about this important point. With more than two decades of experience with gold investments, the team is deeply familiar with the ins and outs of investing in a physical asset rather than in paper currency, and they are committed to helping you achieve your goals.

Review on Noble Gold IRA – Is It Worth Investing?

How to Get Started

The idea of opening a new investment account can seem tedious, but Noble Gold takes the hassle out of the equation. Before you open a new account, however, you should first review your portfolio and determine how you want to hold the gold and where you will store it. If you are buying the gold in an IRA, it will be deposited on your behalf in a secure depository.

Otherwise, you must decide where in your home you will store and it how it will be secured. It is best to plan ahead for this so that you can secure the gold as soon as it arrives. In addition to deciding how you will receive and store the gold, you must determine the amount of your investments for retirement and non-retirement assets.

After you have taken these steps, you should order a free guide from Noble Gold. This guide will educate you about the process so that you can walk through the steps confidently and without hassle. When you are ready, you will create your new IRA on the Noble Gold website. Soon after you take this step, you will receive a personalized phone call from a Noble Gold representative. He or she will help you to finalize the account setup process.

If you are opening an IRA, you may need to execute an IRA rollover. This is generally a straightforward process. Your account representative will guide you through the steps so that you can avoid triggering any taxes and penalties. When your account is funded, you can begin shopping for gold. The gold that you invest in through an IRA will be delivered to the depository without any additional steps required on your part. Otherwise, the precious metals will be delivered to your home. While you do not need to actively manage a gold investment, you may wish to stay in touch with your concierge associate to monitor the growth of your assets’ value over time.

Pros & Cons of Noble Gold Investments

  • Minimal investment requirements.
  • Many educational resources.
  • Flat fee for storage & service.
  • The flat fee may be high for those with low balances.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are new to precious metal investments or if you are researching gold IRAs for the first time, you understandably have many questions and concerns. Noble Gold believes that you should be fully informed before you make an investment. While we have prepared a list of frequently asked questions here, you should contact Noble Gold for answers to specific questions. The company’s free information guide is also a great source for more information before you get started.

Should I Invest in Gold?

While each investor has unique goals and concerns to keep in mind, gold may have a place in most portfolios. Gold has been used for many centuries as a commodity, and its value has trended upward over the years. While paper currency values fluctuate, the value of gold has far less volatility. When mixed with a smart combination of stocks, bonds and other paper investments, gold can round out your portfolio and provide more stability to your portfolio. Even if the stock market drops drastically, the value of your portfolio will be propped up by your stable gold investment.

Is My Gold Investment Secure?

When you invest in a gold IRA through Noble Gold, your gold will be stored securely on your behalf. This physical asset will be securely transported to a respected depository in Texas. The depository has ample space available to accommodate your current and future investments. It also has significant security measures in place to prevent the loss of your investment through theft. A portion of the annual account maintenance fee for your gold IRA covers the cost of using the depository’s space and services. If you purchase gold or other precious through Noble Gold outside of an IRA, you will be responsible for storing and securing your investment. Some options are to place the gold in a safe in your home or to use a safety deposit box at your local bank.

What Taxes Should I Know About?

The funds that you use to purchase gold through your IRA have already been taxed. Generally, any growth in assets will be converted to cash when you sell the gold. This growth in your assets will not be taxed if you follow the IRS’ rules regarding gold IRAs. Tax law can be complicated, and there are many nuances and requirements that you should be aware of before you make an investment. Consult with your trusted accountant or tax advisor to learn more about the tax rules related to investing in gold in and outside of a gold IRA.

How Can I Access My Investment?

If you purchase gold and other precious metals outside of a retirement account, the commodities will be shipped securely to your home. Commonly, the investments are stored in a bank’s security deposit box or in a safe in the investor’s home. You will be able to access your assets in these locations as desired. If you purchase gold through an IRA, you should be aware that the IRS requires the assets to be held in a secure location. The IRS does not permit the gold to be accessible to the investor. With this in mind, you will not be able to access the gold in a gold IRA. However, you can sell the gold through your IRA to convert it back to cash as needed. Before withdrawing assets from your gold IRA, however, you should research the rules related to taxation and early-withdrawal penalties.

Can I Invest in Other Precious Metals?

While many investors at Noble Gold prefer to hold at least some gold coins and bars in their IRA or at home in a secure location, it may make sense for investors to diversify their holds of precious metals. Through Noble Gold, you can also open up a silver IRA account, which will exclusively be used to purchase silver bars and coins according to IRS guidelines and requirements. Palladium and platinum are also available as investment options. With such an impressive range of precious metal products to invest in through Noble Gold, you will have ample opportunity to broaden and diversify your holdings of precious metal commodities.

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