What Percentage of Retirement Should Be in Precious Metals?

What Percentage of Retirement Should Be in Precious Metals?

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Investing in your retirement is important. If you do not prepare for your golden years, you could find yourself working much longer than expected. When you begin investing in your retirement, it will be important that you select the right accounts.

In addition to taking advantage of an employer-sponsored 401k, many people also start an individual retirement account or IRA. This allows each person to save more and diversify their investments.

For those who are very aggressive about their investments and want to create the best life for themselves in their golden years, they open a gold IRA. A gold IRA, or a self-directed IRA, will allow the account holder to invest in precious metals as part of their retirement.

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Why Invest In Gold and Other Precious Metals?

Investing in gold and other precious metals is a great way to diversify your retirement accounts. Precious metals have always been viewed as a safe haven from market fluctuations. Precious metals also tend to perform better when the market is down, making it easier to protect your retirement savings during market problems.

Gold has continued to perform well and, even with small fluctuations in price, is a solid investment for those seeking to protect their savings. Additionally, gold is easy to liquidate when you are ready to start cashing in on your retirement savings.

What Percentage of Retirement Should Be in Precious Metals?

How Much Of My Investments Should I Allocate To Gold?

There is no easy answer to this question. How much you allocate to gold and other precious metals in your retirement account will depend on your retirement goals and your financial situation. Taking a look at the following scenarios can help you make the decision.

Five to ten percent of your investments

Many financial experts recommend five to ten percent of your retirement savings be allocated to your investments if you are young and just starting to invest into your retirement. You do not need as large of a safety net with your investments at this time.

As you age you can change your investments around so that you have a larger percentage protecting your assets.

Of the five to ten percent, it is recommended that a majority of the precious metals you invest in is gold. This is the best choice for your investments. If you want additional precious metals, you are encouraged to invest the balance of your percentage in silver.

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Ten to twenty percent of your investments

If you are fifteen or less years from your goal retirement age, you will want to invest a larger portion of your retirement savings into precious metals. This gives you additional protections for your savings when you are this close to retirement. Large market fluctuations at this point could cause you to delay your retirement because of financial losses.

Again, a majority of your precious metals investment should be in gold. Gold [provides the most protection while remaining very liquid when you are ready to cash out. You can add silver and other approved precious metals with a small portion of your investments.

Twenty to twenty-five percent of your investments

You should invest this large of a portion of your retirement in gold and precious metals if you have a high-asset account. You will get the most protection for your money if you have this high of a portion invested in gold. However, it is always wise to keep your account diversified and limit how much you invest in any asset.

What Percentage of Retirement Should Be in Precious Metals?

Work With A Certified Gold IRA Company

If you are unsure how much of your retirement savings you should invest in gold, speak with a reputable gold IRA company representative. These knowledgeable individuals will help guide you on what types of precious metals to purchase and the amount you should invest.

By answering different questions about your goals and needs, these reps can help design an investment strategy for gold and precious metals to help you achieve your goals.

Gold investing is one of the easiest ways to protect your retirement income. Take advantage of the knowledge and experience of these reps so that you can benefit from owning gold.

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What Percentage of Retirement Should Be in Precious Metals?

Establishing A Gold IRA Is Easy

Setting up a gold IRA is much easier than you may think. You can start a brand new account and fund it from your savings, or you can roll over your 401k, thrift savings plan, or 403b account right into a gold IRA.

The reps at the gold IRA company can help you rollover these accounts so that you will not incur any early withdrawal penalties or tac problems from changing accounts. The rollover process can take up to two week to complete depending on how long your current company takes to process the paperwork.

Once the account is funded, your rep will help you decide on what types of gold to purchase for investment. They offer a variety of approved coins and bars from mints around the world. All the gold that you purchase for retirement must meet the IRS purity standards of 99.5 percent pure or higher. The only exception is the American Gold Eagle coin.

Once you pick the coins or bars that you want for your investment, your gold rep will arrange to have your gold sent to an IRS-approved storage facility. IRS laws require that any precious metals that are part of a retirement account be held in storage until such a time that withdrawals are made form the account.

It is that simple to protect your assets by investing in gold. Once you have made your initial investment you can continue to add gold and other approved precious metals to your account until you are ready to retire.

If you are a collector of rare or gold coins, these companies will also sell gold coins and bars to you to have as a collector. These personal sales are different than sales that contribute to your retirement account. When you purchase these coins they will be delivered to your home for your personal pleasure.

Final Thoughts

Gold will always be a reliable investment. It performs well and gives you peace of mind during turbulent periods in the stock market.

Anyone can invest in gold for their retirement. You can start with just a little bit and continue to build, or you can make a large investment when you first fund your account. The choice is yours.

If you want to protect your retirement, take the time and discover how investing in gold and precious metals can protect your retirement savings.