What is the Most Trusted Place to Buy Gold and Silver?

What is the Most Trusted Place to Buy Gold and Silver?

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As the economy and stock markets continue to underperform, millions of people turn to precious metals (PMs) for much-needed financial stability. But even for those who feel the need to add gold and silver to their portfolios, there are questions. 

Many want to know the specific benefits and how to invest wisely in assets like silver and gold. The "why" and "how" are the two most essential parts, along with where to buy gold and silver. That last piece of the puzzle is about finding the right company, one with a solid reputation and one that offers both IRA-oriented accounts and non-IRA gold and silver sales.

Our team began with the fundamental aspects and then moved on to the final concern: What is the best company for investors who want to buy gold and silver? Here's what we discovered.

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What is the Most Trusted Place to Buy Gold and Silver?

Why Invest in Gold and Silver?

For over 1,000 years, people have been purchasing gold and silver and using the metals to protect their wealth, save money, and improve their financial security. In the 2020s, it's no different, as millions of savvy investors worldwide put at least a portion of their capital into these two cherished precious metals.

There are dozens of reasons for the ongoing, constant demand, chief among them being that silver and gold tend to outperform all other assets during volatile economic times. That includes depressions, recessions, wars, political instability, inflation, high unemployment, a lagging housing market, and many more.

You don't need to spend days deciding why purchasing the two top-selling precious metals makes sense. Here are some of the reasons people in all income brackets are acquiring bullion and coins made from high-purity silver and gold:

  • High Liquidity: Precious metals are more liquid than most other assets, including cash, real estate, stocks, cryptocurrency, and commodities.
  • Universal Value: Silver and gold offer recognized value in every nation on earth. It's possible to see the daily price per ounce at any minute, 24/7/365.
  • Constant Demand: There is uninterrupted demand for both gold and silver in all markets. That's why the precious metals exchanges are never really closed. Individuals, institutions, corporations, and non-profits buy and hold precious metals for long-term wealth accumulation.
  • Protection Against Inflation: PMs are an ideal way to fight the ravages of inflation because they tend to hold their value even amid the worst economic conditions.
  • Privacy: Investors who like to keep their holdings confidential prefer to maintain a stash of gold and silver in their homes or safe-deposit boxes. For decades, people have used gold to stay "off the radar" of major financial institutions and governments.
  • Insurance Against Economic Catastrophe: Not just "preppers," but anyone who fears a potential economic collapse can leverage the power of gold and silver to retain wealth in the face of a financial meltdown.
  • Long-Term Wealth: One of the most common reasons investors prefer PMs is the potential to build long-term wealth. Silver and gold, in particular, do very well in longish investment horizons.
  • Potential for Outsized Returns: Unlike blue-chip stocks and commodities, precious metals have the potential to rise rapidly in price in the event of a market catastrophe or a serious financial collapse.
What is the Most Trusted Place to Buy Gold and Silver?

How People Invest

It's important to know there are several ways to invest in precious metals, even though a few of the methods account for about 90% of all the activity among owners. The main difference among buyers is that some want physical assets and others are happy to have paper-backed securities, like stocks and futures. 

For those who prefer "the real thing" in the form of actual metal, bullion and coins are by far the top choices, with jewelry in a distant third place.

Here are all the ways that individuals can hold ownership of gold and silver:

  • Bullion: Ingots, rounds, "shot" (small pieces of metal), bars and all non-coin precious metals fall into this category.
  • Coins: National governments issue coins, which usually carry a face value of a much lower amount than the actual value of the metal itself.
  • Jewelry: Some investors prefer to wear their silver and gold or keep it locked in a safe. A small percentage of investment metals are in the form of bracelets, earrings, necklaces, and rings.
  • Gold-Backed ETFs (Exchange-Traded Funds): For those who don't want physical ownership of precious metals, ETFs are equity shares that track the approximate value of a given metal.
  • Precious Metals Futures: Futures contracts are derivatives that represent ownership in a specified amount of silver or gold at a fixed price. Derivatives come with high risk and are unsuitable for those who wish to hold physical metals in a portfolio.
  • "Gold" Mutual Funds: Like futures and ETFs, mutual funds are paper assets backed by precious metals but don't always track the prices accurately.
  • Stock in Gold Mining Companies: Mining corporation stock only partially tracks the value of gold and silver but is preferred by some investors who want a non-physical stake in the precious metals markets.
What is the Most Trusted Place to Buy Gold and Silver?

Which Companies are Best for Gold & Silver Investors?

There are about two dozen companies in the gold & silver sales niche, and most offer both IRA and non-IRA precious metals sales directly to the public. Remember that you'll need to open an account to fund an IRA. For non-IRA purchases of precious metals, there's usually no need to create a new account.

Our team reviewed the current offerings of all the major players in the segment and discovered three that stood out from the others. They are ranked and listed below, along with pertinent company information for potential investors.


Basic facts: For more than a decade, Augusta Precious Metals has been an industry standout for silver and gold IRAs, both new accounts and rollovers from existing retirement plans. The family-owned, Wyoming-based firm's founder is Isaac Nuriani.

Buyers can purchase non-IRA and IRS-approved IRA precious metals. All storage is in government-sanctioned depositories. APM prides itself on offering the best lifetime customer service, a simple process for setting up or rolling over IRA accounts, and 100% transparency.

They also sell precious metals directly to buyers. The company has top-notch educational materials, and its agents walk new customers through all the IRA-related paperwork and setup. There is a $50,000 account minimum, and APM's annual fees tend to be on the low end of the industry. BBB and BCA ratings are A+ and AAA, the highest possible for each.

#2. Goldco


Basic facts: If you want to roll over an IRA, 401k, or another type of qualified retirement account, Goldco offers all the tools to do so quickly and safely. Additionally, buyers can purchase non-IRA metals from the company, which is not only privately held but specializes in helping people protect their assets.

Goldco has a more extensive menu of gold coins than most competitors. The minimum investment is $25,000, and the company's educational resources for new investors are unmatched. Goldco is one of the most respected companies in the precious metals industry.

Their BBB (Better Business Bureau) rating is A+, and they have an AAA rating from BCA (Business Consumer Alliance), along with thousands of verified customer reviews online. Besides gold and silver for retirement accounts, Goldco gives no-cost investing guides, and the company's agents are happy to answer questions via email or telephone.

The company assists anyone who wants to create and oversee a self-directed IRA (SDIRA).

Basic facts: AHG (American Hartford Gold, the official name of the company) specializes in helping new customers set up gold IRAs or convert existing retirement accounts into gold IRAs. For buyers of precious metals, they offer both price-matching and insured, no-cost shipping.

American Hartford Gold has a couple of options to roll over your current IRA into their Gold IRA. You can use their 60-day rollover option or choose the trustee-to-trustee option. You'll have no penalties or taxes with either of these methods. Overall, AHG has an attractive account minimum and lower fees than most competitors.

Their BBB rating is A+, and qualifying new accounts can receive free silver valued at up to $10,000. The company is known for its excellent customer service and typically waives first-year fees.

Making the Right Choice

Now is the right time to consider adding precious metals to your investment portfolio, particularly gold and silver. However, working with a highly-respected company, the top three of which we listed above, is crucial. While Augusta came out on top, consider your investing needs and unique situation when selecting a company.

Goldco and American Hartford are other excellent choices and, along with Augusta, should be on everyone's shortlist. Be sure to call the customer service phone number of any company you plan on using. Ask questions, check out websites, and do whatever research you feel is necessary to make a final choice.