Total Retirement

Retirement Plans ... Made Simple

As a retirement plan participant (employee), understanding what you can (how much you save or spend), and can not control (markets and the economy), is important.

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As a business owner or Human Resources specialist, you know how difficult it is to find a simple, prudent and turnkey solution for your retirement plan participants.

The accumulation phase is an important first step for everyone. Having a low cost alternative is important. I work with employers and employees during this accumulation phase to prepare them for their retirement distribution phase as retirees where my research focus has been on how to effectively manage a nest egg during those retirement years.

The goal is to simply change the source of your income when you retire ... from employer to your accumulated savings. The underlying philosophy and management of those resources should stay the same while you maintain your standard of living between working years and retirement years.

Retirement Plan Inspection Checklist

Sample Retirement Plan Proposal

We can help your company or organization with 401(k), 403(b),457,  profit sharing and other Defined Contribution plans. Defined Benefit plans as well as Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOP) are also available.

From 401ks to Defined Benefit Plans and more, Loring Ward Total Retirementprovides an innovative, cost-effective retirement platform that empowers plan participants and highlights the value of your company, non-profit, or agency. We invite you to learn more about our distinctive approach and how our "5 Retirement Plan Essentials" (3 min 50 sec video) can make a real difference for you, the plan sponsor, and your plan participants.

Contact me today to see how the application of academic research by Dimensional, and Structured by Loring Ward, can be applied to your business or entity.

Investment philosophy and process for  people while they work should be the same when they retire. The only thing that should change is the direction their money flows: from into-their-retirement savings, to out-of-their-retirement savings. The goal is to help people maintain their standard of living while working as well as while they're retired ... that's Total Retirement.

Loring Ward Total Retirement is the ERISA 3(38) Fiduciary, accepting appointment in writing for your retirement plan (better than a Warranty or Guarantee Certificate), so you can stay focused on running your business.