Larry Frank, MBA, CFP®

Larry Frank, MBA, CFP®

Registered Investment Adviser (California)

Larry was born in Duluth MN, and grew up in Cloquet MN. He has a B.S. cum laude in Physics from the University of Minnesota and a Master's Degree in Business Administration (MBA) from the University of South Dakota with a concentration in corporate finance and investments.
Larry retired in 1994 from the United States Air Force as a commissioned officer after a career as a Command Pilot where he flew helicopters, high performance acrobatic jets, and internationally to 47 countries on five continents with large multi-engine aircraft. He was also a contingency and war planner during his career as a field grade officer. ** These experiences showed him how to think ahead and plan for a wide range of alternative possibilities.







What does Larry do now that's relevant to you? "I'm a personal finance engineer applying evidence-based statistics from both portfolio and longevity data sets to determine retirement income you're unlikely to outlive (barring catastrophic or spendthrift events)."


Larry has years of financial planning research and real-life experiences showing people personal finance choices that are focused on how to make smart decisions to work towards growing and protecting their wealth, not income. Rather than make things complicated, his work has been focused around simplifying the complexities of prioritizing simultaneous financial planning issues, and their related calculations, so the person's living is sustainable.

Registered Investment Adviser and a Certified Financial Planner TM practitioner (certificate), Larry is also the author of Wealth Odyssey, a book designed to help people make sensible plans for a successful retirement and pursuing their other goals by understanding how financial planning issues are related to each other through wealth. He has research published in the Journal of Financial Planning related to retirement planning. Thus, in addition to practicing personal financial planning, he is leading the profession with new insights.

Larry has served on the Board of Directors for the Financial Planning Association of Northern California, and has appeared in nationally syndicated articles and on nationally syndicated radio. He had syndicated columns in the past through AdviceIQ that appeared online at Forbes, Morningstar, The Motley Fool, Business Insider, the Online Investor, and many more. He also contributed to consumer question and answers at NerdWallet, Investopedia, and Brightscope.

Larry is a member of the Academy of Financial Services and has ten (10) academic research papers published of his own. Larry is also a member of National Association of Personal Financial Advisers (NAPFA), and the Fee-Only Network, both associations of Fee-only advisers. Larry is a fee-only fiduciary that works for you, not for anyone else.*

His hobbies include reading and travel, especially to El Salvador where he met his wife, Rosa Maria Cáceres. They live in Rocklin, CA and have four children and nine grandchildren.

They speak Spanish in their home. Ellos hablan español en su hogar.


Here's how you may contact Larry (either via GoToMeeting virtually from anywhere in the U.S., or locally in office).


PS. I'm often asked how I changed from flying to financial planning - that is explained here "When I was 10" and also explained in an article that appeared in the NAPFA Advisor magazine, "Charting his path in financial planning." Another biographic article appeared online for a firm called Horsesmouth for advisers where he discusses his business operations and design to help mentor new advisers in the financial planning business.

PPS. Here's my Knowledge Center Video Library, or my blog site, for your educational insights on areas you may be wondering about ... it is about better financial education so that you are better informed and prepared about your own personal finances and desires.


Important background information to differentiate between advisers!

* What is fee-only?

What is a fiduciary?

What's the Difference Between Advisers?

Know Your Financial Adviser, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau - Article on proper accreditation and extensive background for working with military, or civilian, workers and retirees.


** In addition to flying, Larry served on the Joint Staff at US Southern Command in Panama forming contingency plans for ousting Noriega, is a veteran of the First Gulf War 1991, and served as a Contingency Mobility planner at Scott AFB IL during Haiti, relief operations in Somalia, and Bosnia-Herzegovina


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