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For those clients who choose to have more in-depth guidance and asset management.

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Dimensional is the subadviser to your SA Funds. This link will take you to their website where you may obtain information about their research, philosophy, implementation and much more. Here's a short video (2:39) summarizing their approach. Dimensional was founded in 1981.

Buckingham Strategic Partners is committed to delivering holistic solutions that create a better wealth experience for its nationwide community of financial advisors and their clients.

Buckingham Strategic Partners believes clients can benefit from the discipline and sophistication (and lower costs) that typically characterize institutional money management. Working with some of the academic community’s most innovative and respected thinkers and economists ensures that Buckingham Strategic Partners is always researching tomorrow’s solutions today. Buckingham Strategic Partners was founded in 1990 and serves as my back office to support me as I work to support you (link also illustrates the many firms that support you and me in the many different business functions required to efficiently run a cost effective firm so fees can be as low as possible for you too).

Why do I use Buckingham Strategic Partners or Dimensional?

I am under no obligation to use either Buckingham Strategic Partners, who manages the broader relationship with Dimensional (also under no obligation between firms), or Dimensional who manages investable money through the mutual fund structure. Buckingham Strategic Partners serves as my back office support along with other key partners that provide key business and office functions. The evidence that Dimensional applies is widely recognized as unique in the industry.

The primary reason I use these companies is that the evidence based approach of implementation(investing) ties in very well to support other evidence based research to measure and monitor retirement income that supports planning for retirement income ... both in getting to retirement, but also through retirement. Retirement income research uses indexed data for the research. The practical application of such research should thus also use indexing concepts.

On occasion, I do suggest the use of other firms instead, if their use is more appropriate for the client's situation or desires.


I have a number of firms that form my complete support team by hiring them and their expertise in their core functions to interview, hire, train, schedule and staff ... all things I don't need to do so I can focus on YOU.