Review on Regal Assets – Is It Worth Investing?

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Securing your financial future is on the top of everyone's to-do list. If you are interested in investing in your future, the stock market is the first place most people look for investments.

But the stock market can be volatile. When you invest in the market, you must diversify your investments to protect yourself from stock fluctuations.

One of the best ways to protect yourself and diversify your investments is by investing in gold. Establishing a self-directed gold IRA will allow you to invest in precious metals and benefit from the stability this type of investment provides.

If investing in gold is something that you want to do, the next step is finding the right source for establishing a gold IRA and purchasing precious metals for your investments.

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Review on Regal Assets - Is It Worth Investing?

Why Invest In Precious Metals?

There are several reasons that you should invest in precious metals. The two main reasons include diversifying your assets and investing in a commodity with a proven success track record.

You never want to place all of your investments into one type of asset. Stocks and bonds can fluctuate dramatically, sometimes without warning, which can jeopardize your financial future.

Gold, silver, platinum, and palladium have a proven market record. Precious metals continue to remain in demand. Some of these metals are seeing higher demand, such as silver, as new electronics turn to this precious metal for their construction.

Another benefit of investing in precious metals is the ability to liquidate these assets with ease. Since precious metals continue to remain in high demand, when you are ready to cash out your IRA, you will have no problem selling your precious metals.

You also purchase a physical product when you invest in precious metals. This means that you can liquidate these coins and bars much easier than trying to sell off investments that are only documented on paper. If you are facing an emergency or ready to retire, you can quickly liquidate these items or take them into your possession.

Review on Regal Assets - Is It Worth Investing?

Why Choose Regal Assets For Your Investments

Regal Assets was founded by Tyler Gallagher and quickly rose to number 50 in the top INC 500 financial companies. They strive to provide a superior customer experience without using pushy sales tactics.

They have a transparent pricing policy which ensures that all of the Regal Assets clients will never be surprised by any fees charged by the company for their services.

Regal Assets is also a member of the Forbes Finance Council and has hundreds of positive reviews left by clients across various forums. These are just a few of the many reasons you would benefit from doing business with Regal Assets.

Review on Regal Assets - Is It Worth Investing?

What Are Gold IRAs?

Gold IRAs, also known as Precious Metals IRAs or Self-Directed IRAs, allow you to hold precious metals, cryptocurrencies, and other high-end collectibles that are approved by the IRS as part of your retirement savings account.

With a gold IRA, you still enjoy the same tax benefits as a regular IRA. The only real difference is that you have more control over what you can place in your IRA toward your retirement savings.

You can establish a brand new IRA with Regal Assets, or you can roll over your existing IRA into a Regal Assets gold IRA account. Many retirement accounts, including 401(k)s, 403(b)s, SEPs, and TSPs, are eligible to be rolled over into a gold IRA.

If you have any questions about establishing a gold IRA or rolling over your current retirement plan into a new account, please speak with one of the knowledgeable reps at Regal Assets. You will feel very confident with the information that your rep will provide.

Review on Regal Assets - Is It Worth Investing?

What Precious Metals Can Be Used In A Gold IRA?

It is important to understand that the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) regulates what types of assets can be held in a retirement account. When it comes to precious metals, you can only place specific types of bars or coins into your account that meet the purity standards listed by the IRS.

Regal Assets carries a large variety of coins and bars that are approved by IRS, which include:


  • Gold American Eagle Coin
  • Gold American Buffalo Coin
  • Gold Britannia Coin
  • Gold Canadian Maple Leaf Coin
  • Gold Chinese Panda Coin
  • Gold South African Krugerrand Coin
  • Gold Austrian Philharmonic Coin
  • Credit Suisse Gold Bars in 1kl, 10 oz, 1 oz, 50gm, 20gm, 10gm, 5gm, 2.5gm, and 1gm


  • Silver American Eagle Coin
  • Silver Canadian Maple Leaf Coin
  • Silver Austrian Philharmonic Coin
  • 1 kl Silver Australian Kookaburra Coin
  • 1 kl Silver Australian Koala Coin
  • Silver Britannia Coin
  • 100 oz Silver Bar
  • 10 oz Johnson Mathey Silver Bar


  • Platinum American Eagle Coin
  • Platinum Canadian Maple Leaf Coin
  • Platinum Australian Koala Coin


  • Palladium Canadian Maple Leaf Coin
  • 1oz or 10 oz Credit Suisse Palladium Bar

All of these gold coins and bars are approved by the IRS for purity standards. Additional coins and bars may become available in the future. Regal Assets is very strict about working with top mints around the word to purchase IRS approved coins and bars.

Review on Regal Assets - Is It Worth Investing?

You Can Invest In Cryptocurrencies With Your Regal Assets Gold IRA

Cryptocurrencies are one of the newest investment opportunities for people trying to save for their retirement. Regal Assets gives their investors a chance to invest in cryptocurrencies as part of their gold IRA investments. This is one of the reasons that Regal Assets has risen to become a leader in the gold IRA industry.

Regal Assets was the first gold investment company that was able to obtain a license to trade in cryptocurrencies. This allowed Regal Assets to provide an additional service to their clients. Now, clients of Regal Assets can diversify their IRA by integrating crypto as part of their investment package.

Regal Assets offers several different types of cryptocurrency that you can choose from for your investments. You are not limited to Bitcoin and Ethereum. If you do not see the type of currency that you wish to invest in on their menu, speak with one of the reps at Regal Assets. They can help you access the currencies of your choice.

It is very important to understand that the cryptocurrency market is more volatile than precious metals. If you have questions or concerns about investing in cryptocurrencies, you should speak with one of the knowledgeable reps at Regal Assets. They can help you decide on which currencies to invest in and how much you may feel comfortable with investing in this type of asset.

Review on Regal Assets - Is It Worth Investing?

Establishing Your Regal Assets Gold IRA

Regal Assets has simplified the process of establishing a new gold IRA. Self-directed IRAs created through Regal Assets will allow the owner to invest in precious metals and cryptocurrencies as part of their retirement investments.

Fill Out Online Form

The first step of the process is filling out the request form on their website. It will only take a minute or two to complete

Speak With The Regal Assets Rep

Within 24 hours of filling out your online inquiry, you will be contacted by a rep from Regal Assets. They will ask additional questions about what you are looking for in an IRA and help you open your new gold IRA account.

Regal Assets Will Work With Your Current IRA Custodian

Once your gold IRA is established, your personal rep at Regal Assets will work with your current IRA custodian to roll over your account into your new gold IRA. This ensures that all laws are complied with concerning retirement savings.

Your Order Will Be Fulfilled

As soon as your IRA is funded, Regal Assets will purchase the precious metals and cryptocurrencies you selected and lace them into your IRA account.

It is that easy to establish a Regal Assets self-directed IRA. With this type of retirement savings account, you can hold stocks, bonds, precious metals, and cryptocurrencies. This allows for a well-diversified retirement account.

It should be noted that it can take up to two weeks for your new account to be fully established and funded. This will all depend on your current IRA account custodian and how quickly they will process transferring your account.

Once you establish your Regal Assets IRA account, it will be open and ready to make investments as soon as it is funded. Your account rep can give you an idea of the time it will take for your current account to transfer over to your new IRA.

Review on Regal Assets - Is It Worth Investing?

Regal Assets Offers Investment Packages

If you are not sure where you want to start when investing in precious metals and cryptocurrencies, Regal Assets offers different investment packages. These packages are designed to help all levels of investors get started in alternative investments.

There are six different investment packages currently available. Each are designed to meet a specific need and range in price from $5,000 to 250,000. The first two packages are designed for people that are looking for alternative investments as a way to save for an emergency so that they can have quick access to money.

  • Merchant Package. This package requires a $5,000 investment in gold and silver. This is the easiest way to prepare for an emergency.
  • Knighthood Package. This package will require a $10,000 investment in gold and silver. This amount will generally cover up to three months of expenses for the average family of four.
  • Kingship Portfolio. This package will require a $50,000 investment in cryptocurrencies and precious metals. You will work with your personal rep at Regal Assets to direct how much of this investment you would like invested into precious metals and how much you would like directed toward cryptocurrency.
  • Dynasty Portfolio. This level will require a $100,000 investment in precious metals and cryptocurrencies. This is a great package to help make a substantial investment into your retirement. Again, you will work with your rep to direct what types of investments you would like to make with your initial deposit.
  • Coronation Portfolio. This level is geared toward high-net-worth individuals and will require a $250,000 investment in cryptocurrencies and precious metals. You will work with your rep to designate how much of your investment you would like directed at each type of precious metal and cryptocurrency.

It is important to remember that these packages are just available to make investing easier. Package purchases are not required to invest in a Regal Assets gold IRA.

Review on Regal Assets - Is It Worth Investing?

Secured Asset Storage

When you purchase precious metals as part of your retirement account, you will be required to hold these assets in an IRS-approved secured storage facility. The IRS will not allow precious metal assets to be held by the owner in their home or in a non-approved facility. To access the precious metals, you must purchase them as a collector, not for your retirement account.

Many people who collect these coins for personal use also use secured facilities to store their coins and bars because of the insurance policies offered by these facilities and the extra security that they have for their assets.

When you invest in precious metals for your self-directed IRA, you will be required to place the assets in storage. Regal Assets works with several IRS-approved facilities throughout North America and one facility n Singapore.

Regal Asset has partnered with offers segregated storage for every person. This means that your precious metals are not bulk stored with other precious metals in the facility. Every person has their own storage area, and you can always view the precious metals at your request.

Storage fees will vary from facility to facility. However, Regal Assets has ensured that the facilities they use provide superior protection for your assets at a very affordable price.

Review on Regal Assets - Is It Worth Investing?

Franck Muller Bitcoin Watches

If you have never seen a Franck Muller Bitcoin watch, you have missed seeing a masterpiece. These exquisite and rare watches are made from the finest precious metals and diamonds. They are also a Bitcoin wallet. You can use your watch to manage your Bitcoin accounts.

Franck Muller watches are rare and hard to access. At this time, there are less than five places in the entire world where you can purchase one of these handmade watches. If you want to see these watches or purchase one as an investment, follow the link on the Regal Asset website. It is one of the only places where you can find access to these unique watches.

Review on Regal Assets - Is It Worth Investing?

Requeast Free Information Today

Information is power. If you have questions about investing in precious metals, you are encouraged to order a free information package from Regal Assets. Regal Assets has prepared a detailed investment package that should answer all of your questions and concerns about alternative asset investments.

Making an informed decision about your retirement savings is important. Take advantage of the free information package and follow it up with a phone call if you have any additional questions.

Quick Overview Of Regal Assets

A quick look at Regal Assets:

  • Regal Assets was the first company to offer precious metals and cryptocurrency investments in the same self-directed IRA.
  • Regal Assets is #50 in the top 500 financial companies listed by INC 500.
  • Regal Assets carries a large variety of precious metal coins and bars that are all approved for retirement investments.
  • You can invest in Franck Muller watches through Regal Assets.
  • Regal Assets offers investment packages to make investing in precious metals and cryptocurrencies easier.
  • Regal Assets work with IRS-approved storage facilities across the country and in Singapore.
  • Regal Assets has continually ranked highest among gold investment firms for customer service.

Final Thoughts

If you are serious about investing in gold and other precious metals, then you may want to work with Regal Assets. This company has continually ranked high for customer service and overall performance. They are a top-rated financial company and offer additional investment opportunities that other gold investment firms do not offer.

Investing in your future and retirement is essential for everyone. Lessen the risk of investing by diversifying your accounts and adding precious metals and cryptocurrency to the mix. A well-balanced portfolio will provide you with the most safety during market fluctuations. Precious metals are great for short or long-term investing.