Other Professionals to Help You


I provide these links for these areas of financial planning that are particularly challenging to find an experienced resource** for solutions.

In alphabetical order within category and, where possible, more than one choice so you may choose:

Wills and Living Trusts/Estate Planning (Senior Specific Services & for others too).

Eldercare Consulting (Senior Specific Services)

  • Carol Kinsel
  • Helen Justice (Veteran and VA benefits specialty)
  • Elder Care Resources (National - My Blog with links to Adult Day Care, Home Health Care and other Information and Services options for this important topic)

Tax Help & Preparation

Health, Medical, Disability, Dental or Long Term Care Insurance

Life Insurance

Life Insurance, Disabiltiy or Long Term Care Insurance (Nationally including CA). (800) 922-6290

Ask for the specialist in the specific area of:



**The above-mentioned professionals are not affiliated with Better Financial Education. Any information provided by these professionals is provided entirely on behalf of that professional in their subject area to you and your specific situation. There is no compensation agreement between the above mentioned professionals and Better Financial Education.