New Person Orientation Package

New Person Orientation Package | Better Financial Education

Mission Statement: Our focus

... to get you to, and through, retirement.

How to structure yourself so you may outlive your money (not the other way around).


What you may expect from our relationship:

  • Better understanding of your situation
  • Context and big picture for better decisions & to organize your thoughts
  • Discovery is part of learning, where light bulbs turn on for insight – both yours and mine
  • Help you think for yourselves through enlightenment
  • Help through ages & stages of your life
  • Giving you time to do something else
  • Not spending time with worry about $$
  • Will NOT get a fat report on purpose.
  • What do you do with your Dr’s lab results?
  • Don’t understand them until Dr explains them
  • Then – it is up to YOU to decide and take actions

YOU are my client – not your money.

I work hard for this ...


New Person Orientation Package | Better Financial Education

Below are further details how I approach accomplishing the above with you.

Below represents a virtual folder, containing virtual brochures (each link explains a specific topic you may be interested in as you explore me and what I do working for clients).

New Person Orientation Package | Better Financial Education

You may read about my Credentials, Registrations and More here.


Who I work with.

Code of ethics* & Standards (CFP®) and NAPFA Standards

Let's Make a Plan (CFP® Board)*

How-to Guide 

What is a Certified Financial PlannerTM?

What is a Registered Investment Advisor?

Why work with me?

New Person Orientation Package | Better Financial Education


Broker vs Fiduciary - short video on linked page


You Spend Dollars, Not Returns!

Academic Foundations*.   Factor Investing Discussed   What is evidence?

Overall Philosophy (and philosophy through videos).

Disclosures and ADV Part 2 information.

Larry's Bio.

Retirement is a Moving Target.

Compensation and Additional Information

*Note: With a couple of exceptions, this information is already available on my website. You may navigate the site using the blue tabs at the top of each page. This page simply organizes the information in a different manner that may assist you in finding information you are seeking as you evaluate me as a candidate you would like to interview further.


Note: Office hours are by appointment only.