Larry's Book "Wealth Odyssey"

Larry's book, "Wealth Odyssey," shows people what financial planning really is, which is beyond just investing. The book also defines wealth to show you how to use wealth to sustain your unique Standard of Individual Living (SOIL). "Wealth Odyssey" shifts your focus from income-centric thinking to net worth, or wealth-centric thinking. With this subtle change in perspective, "Wealth Odyssey" shows how this helps you put all the financial planning components into better perspective to make smart decisions on your journey to your wealth and goals. "Wealth Odyssey" shows you the difference between wealthy and rich - and explains that wealthy simply means the ability to sustain your SOIL throughout retirement - arguably everyone's basic goal.


See a short video on the book on my blog ... which can also be viewed at the bottom of this page too.

My blog, by the way, goes into more detail on many concepts from the book, and is where up to date methods, that are developed from further research (Larry's many academic and peer reviewed research papers published in the profession's leading Journal of Financial Planning), may also be found.



Wealth Odyssey is timeless ... no matter what the markets or the economy has, is, or will do ... the fundamental concepts within guide you as you see how all the personal financial topics fit together into one wealth odyssey road map for you. What does timeless mean?


Unlike many financial books, Wealth Odyssey doesn't sell or pitch products. Wealth Odyssey is about planning and perspective about personal finance topics weaving them together through a road map used to illustrate points throughout the chapters.


For more information about the author and Wealth Odyssey you may go to the author's book website here.


Wealth Odyssey is one of the many suggested resources by JumpStart to help young people learn about personal finance. Available to teachers, mentors and students, by title search in the JumpStart Clearinghouse.


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*Narrated by Leah Frederick


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Note: The book's website ( in the video is no longer active; the site's information has been transferred to this webpage on this site. The publisher's website, IS active. More info may also be found on Amazon and Google Books (links above) or special ordered at your favorite book store. Narrated and explained by actress Melissa Joan Hart.