Laguna Coins Review

Laguna Coins Review

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It is no surprise that people are looking for different ways to protect their financial value and assets due to stock market volatility and economic disruptions. With the rise of different precious metals companies, people have found interest in investing in precious metals like gold, silver, palladium, and platinum. People also have an interest in collecting these coins to add to a collection, but the tricky part is choosing the right company to work with. 

There are different precious metals dealers in the United States; some are scam artists while some are trustworthy, so how do you differentiate between the both? It is essential that you choose the right company to invest your hard-earned money in so that it does not all go to waste. When you finally choose a company, it means that the products and services they offer align with your financial goals and capability. You may have encountered Laguna coins while searching for a suitable precious metals company and are interested in what this company has to offer. 

The company is a full-service bullion and coin dealer, and they have been in the precious metals and rare coin business for over 40 years. So, if it is an experience you are looking for, Laguna Coins has surely got you covered. According to the company, their customers always end up coming back, and their relationships with the company last for many decades because they aim to provide each customer excellent customer service alongside the best pricing they could get. When it comes to purchasing and selling precious metals like silver, gold, and platinum bullion, bigger is not always better, and Laguna Coins expresses this in its dealings. 

There is still so much you need to know before deciding whether Laguna Coins is the best option for your financial plans. This review outlines all you need to know to correctly determine whether this company is the right choice for you. So, keep reading for more information. 

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Laguna Coins Review

What is Laguna Coins? 

As mentioned above, Laguna Coins is a full-service bullion company with a lot of experience in the industry. Ever since the company was established, they have become the platform that every investor in Laguna Beach or Woods works with. It does not matter whether you stay in Laguna Beach or Woods, as you can still benefit from the services and products the company has to offer. The company has a website that outlines reviews of collectibles and coins and has been reviewed by Avantgarde – the technology blog – since its establishment. 

The company has made a lot of outstanding contributions to the world of collectibles and numismatics as they provide several reviews and information on valuable and rare coins that are difficult to find and even unknown to some collectors. The company has helped to inform and educate people in the numismatics world and provide products for them to choose from by creating many multimedia works. These multimedia works by Laguna Coins have helped spread knowledge and inform people about numismatics. 

Laguna Coins is recognized as a top-rated professional coin grading service by top-notch platforms like the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and the ANA. The company specializes in rare coins and precious metals and is Bullion Dealer NGC certified. As outlined earlier, the company has managed to build lasting customer relationships due to its low prices and first-rate customer service. Laguna Coins offers different products and services to its customers, including an e-commerce facility, bullion coins, and numismatic coins. 

Coin collecting is not a new thing but an important hobby that has been going on for many years. It has received a lot of recognition in recent years, and a lot of people look to collect different coins to add to their collections. This act is similar to stamp collecting as collectors try to find as many coins as they can to add to their collection. The rare coins have more value, and the most valuable coin weighs more than 11kg and is made of gold. Laguna Coins ensure they provide their clients with a wide range of coins to fill up their collection. 

Laguna Coins Review

Laguna Coins Products

Laguna Coins offers different services and products to their clients – there are tangible investments that come in different sizes and shapes, like cash, jewelry, and sports cards, and they also deal in rare silver and gold coins. The company has a history of selling and buying different platinum, PCGS-certified gold, and silver coins in any currency at a reasonable price. The company has a wide selection of rare coins that you can find on its website, which includes history-themed coins, precious metals, and so on. 

Laguna Coins states that they trade, buy and sell while offering their clients great buying opportunities and great pricing for them to benefit from. The company has trained experts and specialists who are there to make every customer's transaction as seamless as possible. They make the selling and buying of collector sports memorabilia, collector currency and coins, diamonds, precious stones, jewelry, gold, and silver affordable, seamless, and comfortable. 

The company states that they are dedicated to making sure that they treat their customers with fairness, respect, and integrity. They ensure that they make use of purity testing equipment alongside the latest market pricing to ensure that they accurately measure the appropriate value of the products their clients' purchase. Laguna Coins offers services and products alongside the ones mentioned above, like retirement or investment vehicles, an e-commerce facility, bullion coins, bullion bars, and numismatic coins. If clients also need an appraisal, they enjoy a same-day service and are paid in cash for their items on the spot. 

It is no surprise that the buyers of Laguna Coins are spread throughout Laguna Woods, with most of these clients making the company a major part of their life. The co-founder of this company stated and made it clear that he wanted to create a stable platform where any buyer in the precious metals business could easily find whatever they were looking for, including the ones that were difficult to find. This is why clients can sell and buy anything from platinum bullion to sports cards and silver jewelry. 

Laguna Coins customers are allowed to pay in any currency they want and will always benefit from the company’s goods and services. The company has a physical store which is open on the weekdays from 10 AM to 6 PM and on the weekends from 10 AM to 4 PM. Customers have access to a professional broker who will be available to answer any questions. The professional broker can help them sell their assets in an auction if they want. 

Pros & Cons of Laguna Coins

Laguna Coins has quite a number of advantages that make it stand out and set it apart from its competitors in the precious metals industry. But just like every company with advantages, the company also has disadvantages that cannot be overlooked. We outlined the pros and cons of Laguna Coins, and they are explained below:


  • The Company Provides a Wide Selection of Rare Coins

What most investors and coin collectors look for in a precious metals company are rare coins and collectibles that are difficult to find elsewhere, especially coin collectors. Laguna Coins delivers exactly that, as the company provides a wide variety of rare coins in its inventory. Coin Collectors usually have to look for a specific coin to complete their collection, and they likely find it in Laguna Coins inventory. 

The company features a wide range of rare coins on its website, which includes history-themed coins and many gold patterns. They also educate their clients on valuable and rare coins by publishing reviews on the most valuable coins in the world alongside quite a number of readers who wish to buy those super rare coins.

  • Laguna Coins Has a Newsletter

This precious metals company has a newsletter that they send out to every one of their clients who subscribed to their emails. The newsletter is filled with different reviews, news, and interesting articles to keep customers abreast of what is happening in the numismatic world. The newsletter reaches more readers than the articles they post on their website, which is more than 10,000 readers worldwide.

Laguna Coins newsletter has managed to generate a lot of interest among the readership on different social media platforms such as Twitter, Reddit, Facebook, and LinkedIn’s business pages. It is certainly a feature that many clients look forward to when they decide to work with the company.

  • Laguna Coins Provides Quality Information about Rare Coins

This precious metals company also focuses on providing excellent customer services, low prices, and high-quality goods and services. Laguna Coins also focuses on educating its clients on all they need to know about rare coins and other collectibles by publishing thorough reviews on these topics. Because of this, the company is regarded as one of the best blogs in the precious metals industry as they only provide quality content.

The company posts articles on its website, and with this, they have been able to reach a large audience from different parts of the world. So, their recognition is not solely based on their products and services but also on their quality content which has helped them gain credibility and recognition with their audience. For clients interested in other things apart from coins, the company also publishes reviews on other items, which has helped them increase their readership.

  • Laguna Coins has a Large Following on Social Media

This may not seem like an advantage, but it surely is, as the company uses this medium to spread knowledge on coin collecting and investing. Laguna Coins has a large number of people that follow them on Twitter and Facebook mostly because of the knowledge and information they spread. This has helped the company’s name to be well known in the coin-collecting community as they have also managed to reach a lot of popular blogs.


  • Laguna Coins Charges Its Clients for Content

It is an advantage that Laguna Coins provides different content to its clients as it helps them to make informed decisions. The disadvantage here is that there is a price tag on the articles and content it provides. The company publishes a lot of exciting content on rare coins, but customers have to pay a high price to access them, and not everyone is financially capable. Laguna Coins charges $3.95 for individual articles and about $6.95 for the whole site.

  • Laguna Coins Provides Little Information about Many Things

Laguna Coins does not provide a lot of information on so many things, including its readership, staff, and donations to charity. We do not know much about the company's staff as the company does not provide much information. All that is known is there is more than one author for the site, but that is pretty much it. The company has a lot of staff and many authors, so it is difficult to know which author writes which article. 

Clients who might be interested in knowing more about the company’s readership might be disappointed to find out there is little information on that. We only know that the company has a large number of readers monthly from around the world, but that is about it. We do not know how many people visit the site monthly or on average.

Final Thoughts 

Laguna Coins is not a scam but a legitimate precious metals company with over 40 years of experience. The company has also been recognized by the ANA and Better Business Bureau as an authorized coins dealer. We were not able to find many reviews and ratings about this company online, but it seems like a suitable option, provided you are willing to overlook the cons. 

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