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Our focus ... to get you to, and through, retirement.

How to structure yourself so you may outlive your money (and not the other way around).


Making money and building wealth are not the same thing.


The focus of our planning approach is on how to sustain and protect your unique standard of living. A small shift in perspective shows you how everything you do financially fits together.

We look beyond Absolute Wealththe large numbers people often associate with being rich, to focus on Relative Wealth which is based on sustaining your unique lifestyle.

With the average retirement approaching thirty-plus years, planning based on Relative Wealth may make the difference to help you enjoy a comfortable retirement.

Our Services.

Larry is a Retirement Planning Specialist. He focuses on retirement planning which includes both phases: pre-retirement accumulation, and a special emphasis on sustainable retirement income distribution for retirees. We help you determine your current overall budget and cash flow since this defines your unique individual standard of living. We use an easy to manage method to smoothly transition you between pre- and post-retirement phases and/or effectively manage funding your retirement years.

Determination of your current budget and lifestyle does not have to be hard (see Budgeting Resource - concepts to keep life simple). A wealth-centric approach to retirement planning helps you understand and focus on the wealth you require to potentially sustain your cash flow after any pensions and Social Security have been considered. Women’s longevity is also a factor in this approach to retirement planning.

Women are more concerned about outliving their assets than men are according to studies by Human Resource Executive www.hreonline.com and Employee Benefit Research Institute  http://ebri.org/ . A solution for this concern is to develop, implement, monitor, and adjust a plan where men, couples, and especially women may lower the probability of outliving their assets. This may bring you the confidence many are seeking. More than half of our clients are women.

Larry works with people living in the Greater Sacramento area including, but not limited to, Rocklin, Roseville, Granite Bay, Lincoln, Folsom and with a limited number of clients in other States.

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How may wealth make work optional?

Making work optional – isn’t that the very definition of retirement? Income is how you sustain your individual standard of living while you work. Wealth, measured by your net worth, is what you need to potentially sustain your individual standard of living when you retire. Many people think that having wealth means being rich. However, being rich actually means having more resources than are required to support your living standard. Understanding this distinction is the first step in discerning what wealth really means to you and your ability to make work optional.


Do you feel overwhelmed by the amount of financial information?

We will show you how to cut through the clutter of conflicting information so you may understand how financial decisions and topics are related to each other. Your unique goals determine how you plan, build, and enjoy your overall wealth over time.


Why do people invest in the markets without a plan, rather than learn how to apply academic research?

Most people have neither the time, nor background, to learn and apply current academic research to their own investing decisions. Our approach applies this up-to-date academic research to help you develop a plan to work towards growing and protecting your net worth. We then monitor and measure your progress and help you make smart decisions along the way.


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"The dominant determinant of long-term real-life investment returns is the behavior of the investor himself."

     - Nick Murray, Behavioral Investment Counseling, 2008