GovMint Review

GovMint Review

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GovMint is another company on the list of precious metals companies where investors can purchase and sell different precious metals like gold and silver. When making a bold financial decision about which precious metals company to choose, it is essential that you outline your options and examine the products and services they all have to offer. Before deciding to purchase products from GovMint, you should be educated about this company – is it legitimate or simply one of the scam artists? 

Unlike the company name, GovMint is neither affiliated with the government nor a mint. The name was chosen to give the company a good name and make it look better. Instead, GovMint is a private company that offers different products like coins, currency, and collectibles with certain themes or from certain eras to bullion investors and collectors. The name of the company is a mere strategy to attract more people to its website, which contains the latest information on the company, its new products, and industry news. 

If you are interested in learning more about GovMint to decide if it is the perfect fit for you, you should keep reading our review, which contains all the information you need to know. Although some potential clients may consider the name of the company a red flag, one should not judge from that alone. 

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GovMint Review

What is GovMint?

As stated above, GovMint is not a government company or related to the US Government Mint. Instead, it is a private business that deals with different precious metals and sells them to investors and collectors. The company's goal is to be recognized as the best source of coins worldwide, which is seen through the wide selection of coin items they offer clients. The company name – which seems like a red flag – is a way to represent their aim to offer their customers coins and numismatic products that major government mints worldwide have issued. ]

GovMint is an American company that has been in the precious metals business for over two decades (established in 1984), making them a reputable force to be reckoned with. They have a website where clients can browse to find precious metals of their choice – there are thousands of currencies and coins like gold and silver from different countries all around the world dating from the past to the present centuries. The company's website is available to all Americans, so it is no surprise that they have thousands of coins at the disposal of their clients. 

GovMint's inventory serves as the answered prayer for every investor and coin collector, both new and experienced, as they are highly likely to find what they are looking for since the company's products are valuable resources. The first thing you see when you visit the website is a particular selection of American coins, so you can gladly add different coins, like Silver Eagles and Gold Eagles, from this collection to your shopping cart. The company's website also outlines several coins from other countries – it is not as big as the American collection but is worth something. 

You can find all GovMint's offers on their website under the medium category section. GovMint has a headquarters in Eagan, Minnesota, and they are one of the biggest precious metals company that deals with collectible coins and currency issues in the US. The company also provides coins that are difficult to find and collectibles like coins from past centuries and paper money. As proof of GovMint's solid reputation, a section on their website shows their partnership with different numismatic organizations like NGC (Numismatic Guaranty Company) and PCGS. 

GovMint Review

GovMint Products

GovMint deals in a wide range of products, including coins that are difficult to find. The company has a wide selection of unique and rare products, offering its clients many choices to pick from. If you are looking for a precious metals company with a comprehensive inventory, you will be impressed by GovMint's product offerings. 

The company has a return policy for customers who have a change of heart for any reason after they have made their purchase. These show their high level of commitment to customer service. GovMint offers different products and precious metals, and they are outlined below.

Precious Metals

Precious metals are available for collectors and investors not interested in dealing with collectible coins. Bullion bars and rounds are issued by the government and sold at a lower price than coins. The weight of precious metals is essential as it has proved to be one of the requirements for coin collectors who consider the weight of the precious metals they want to purchase a priority. 

Collectors who want to purchase coins representing different things, like a certain period or a figure they admire, would have to buy them from private coin dealers like GovMint. The government does not issue these types of coins. GovMint has a wide selection of rounds and bars that collectors look through when looking for special pieces. 

Precious metals like gold (Chinese Gold, Great Britain Gold, Canadian Gold, South African Gold, and more) and silver (Chinese Silver, US Silver Coins, Australian Silver, Mexican Silver, and more). 

Coins from Around the World

There are different coins from different places in the world, which are diverse. Different countries have mints, like the US Mint, where they make collectible coins for investors and collectors worldwide. Some coins include Pop Culture Coins, Canada Coins, Great Britain Coins, China Coins, South African Coins, and many more. 

United States Coins

These types of coins are the most wanted coins among different coin collectors in the world, as the history of the US throughout the decades is depicted through the designs of each coin. All the US coins tell a story and represent a hallmark in the economy of America and history at large. So therefore, the US coins serve as a form of monetary art as it helps the collectors relieve the historical stories about the social and economic problems of the country during the period when the coins were minted. 

The first United States currency dated back more than 227 years ago. Some examples of the US coins you can find at GovMint include Platinum Eagles, Palladium Eagles, Proof and Mint Sets, Silver Eagle, and commemorative coins. 


Examples include Scarce and Unique Division and Smithsonian Institution. 

Other Products Include

Currency Proof, Shipwreck Coins, Palladium Coins, Paper Currency, Platinum Coins, and many more. 

GovMint Review

How Does Buying and Selling Work?

Working with GovMint is easy as they have a website that serves as an e-commerce site so their clients can order precious metals from their comfort zone. There are many different ways clients can order products from GovMint, and the first way is to call the company's toll-free line, which they can find on the website. The toll-free line is always available 24/7 and is the best choice for new investors who have questions to ask before they make their purchase. 

Another option is to create an account on the website, and then you can look through the catalog of products to choose the one you want to buy. Clients can buy from the online catalog directly by selecting the cart button. Once they have chosen what they want to buy, they can add it to their cart and proceed to pay for their items. Clients can also email a request to buy certain products and send it to the particular inbox created by GovMint or fax in their order. 

GovMint has a list of some particular countries in which they will only sell bullion products and do not make exceptions. If a client pays for a product and is from a different country than the countries on the list, the precious metals company will refuse their order. It does not matter if the client makes an upfront payment, as the company is strict with this list. The countries on this list include Australia, the US, South Africa, Switzerland, and Canada. GovMint does not ship to Japan, France, Scandinavia, and Germany. 

GovMint accepts only payments made from a major credit card. Buyers from the US can purchase silver products, but they have to pay for shipping. The company charges their customers' accounts weeks after they have placed the order, which is usually when they ship the items. So, clients have to ensure that the balance on their credit card is enough to cover their transaction fees by keeping track of it. This is the only way to ensure their products will be delivered safely to them. 

Another thing to note is that the bullion price you are told when you place an order with GovMint is not locked in. This means that clients will not pay the price given over the phone while placing their order or the price on the website. Instead, they will pay the price given to them on the day their credit card is charged. All of this information is clearly stated on the company’s website. 

Account Executives 

There are account executives that GovMint offers to each of their clients who help them out in different ways. This is advantageous for clients who need to learn more about investing in or purchasing precious metals. Your account executive is expected to know about your collecting and investing goals so that they give you all the up-to-date information essential to realizing your goals. This type of information is something some other collectors may not get to learn about.

Collectors usually need to find a quest coin that fills the gap in their collection. This quest coin is usually very difficult to get, has some rare qualities, and could be issued on a specific date—every collector dreams of getting their hand on this coin due to its importance. The account executives at GovMint can help out their clients by reaching out to their different connections of coin and mint experts to help them get the rare coins that will complete your collection. 

Clients can choose how they will communicate with their account executives, but the easiest way to do so is over the phone. This is because talking about new deals and releases is faster and easier. If you decide not to talk to them over the phone, you can communicate via email. 

GovMint Review

GovMint Shipping and Handling

GovMint shipping fees do not only cover the shipping but everything included like the materials, labor, carrier, packing and processing costs. For orders over $149 and above, customers get to enjoy free shipping. But, orders that cost $0 - $50 incur $6.95 shipping fees, orders that cost $50 - $100 incur $9.95 shipping fees and orders from $149 to $200 incur $11.95 shipping fees. 

GovMint has different rates and conditions for international shipping and they are explained below:

  • Every international order should be paid using US funds through credit cards or international money order.
  • Orders that are shipped to Canada have an additional price of $10 for all the normal shipping charges. Every item is shipped through USPS Priority Mail International.
  • Orders from the Army Postal office will be shipped through USPS Priority Mail International irrespective of the price.
  • Other countries apart from Canada incur an additional shipping fee of $40 and the orders are shipped through USPS Priority Mail International.

GovMint Ratings and Reviews 

GovMint does not have a lot of ratings and reviews on online platforms compared to other companies that have been operating around the same time of the company. It is a Better Business Bureau accredited company with an A+ rating on the website but it unfortunately does not have great ratings and reviews on the site. The company has 2.88 out 5 stars and an average of 34 reviews on the BBB website. 

GovMint has zero reviews on Trustpilot but showed a 100% trust rating when it was checked in Scam Adviser. 

Pros & Cons of GovMint


  • GovMint offers a wide selection of products to its customers. There is barely anything you will be looking for that you will not find.
  • It is a BBB accredited company with an A+ rating.
  • The company has been around for a long time.


  • The company does not have many reviews and ratings online.
  • GovMint’s rating on the BBB website is poor due to complaints.

Final Thoughts

GovMint is not a scam but a legit precious metals company that has been in the industry for quite some time. The company is also BBB accredited and has a wide range of products for collectors and investors to choose from. Unfortunately GovMint has poor ratings and reviews online out of the few that was found and they cannot go unnoticed. 

If you're interested in investing in precious metals to protect your portfolio, it's better to work with a company that cares about doing the best thing for your wealth.

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