GoldDealer Review

GoldDealer Review

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When it comes to investing in precious metals, GoldDealer is one of the top companies on the list of where to invest. This is no surprise as they have been in business for over forty years (established in 1981) and counting, making them one of the leading dealers in precious metals in America. GoldDealer offers several benefits, such as fast services, top-notch products, and excellent prices, making it an authentic, fast-developing, and reliable company.

GoldDealer has a physical outlet in Los Angeles but is also an online shop that deals with bullion which is quite an advantage. It is the perfect choice for investing in investment-grade metals like numismatic coins and international/domestic bullion products. They also have friendly and helpful staff that will guide you through processes you are not familiar with – what more advantages can be added to the never-ending list?

It is no new news that one of the best and most profitable ways to grow your wealth is by investing in valuable metals like gold, making GoldDealer the perfect place. In this guide, we will explore GoldDealer and help you determine if it is suitable for expanding your wealth. 

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GoldDealer Review

What is GoldDealer?

GoldDealer is formally called California Numismatic Investments, and unlike some other companies that deal in only gold and silver, GoldDealer specializes in other precious metals investing alongside gold and silver. This gives the company an advantage over these other companies since it has rare metals like rhodium bars and many other products. 

If you are looking for a precious metals company with a wide range of products, GoldDealer is the only one that offers a high range of precious metals that you can choose from for your retirement and investment savings. GoldDealer is a member of recognized professional organizations in the world of precious metals, like the California Coin and Bullion Merchants Association and the Professional Numismatic Guild. 

With its extensive online shop, top-notch products, and excellent reputation, this fast-developing company is used by many interested in buying and selling bullion and coins at a competitive rate. There is also the option of adding valuable metals like gold into individual retirement accounts through IRA services. Lastly, the company offers safe storage facilities for its customers and buyers and rare coin accumulation programs.

All these features and facilities offered make GoldDealer a full-service and comprehensive precious metals dealer. It has been a go-to precious metals company since it was established in 1980 due to its top-notch services and excellent reputation. Investors interested in buying and/or selling precious metals-related products like IRAs and Numismatic Coins engage the services of GoldDealer. 

GoldDealer Review

GoldDealer Products and Storage – Bullions, Coins, IRAs, and More

As stated above, GoldDealer has a competitive advantage over other precious metals companies as it does not only deal in gold and silver. The company deals in other precious metals alongside gold and silver – they offer a wide range of international and domestic coins and bullions for investment and retirement savings. Customers can then purchase these metals for placement in a self-directed IRA, storage, or delivery. 

GoldDealer is not considered an authentic IRA custodian because it has no storage facility. Instead, the company uses other secure storage facilities – it contracts with storage facilities like CNT, an independent storage depository. They are associated with CNT as it provides a storage alternative. Regardless, GoldDealer is still a highly-esteemed precious metals broker that offers different types of precious metals such as platinum, gold, palladium, silver, bullions, coins, and bars for purchase. 

In addition to the top-notch products the company offers, GoldDealer offers additional services to their customers, including market insight, expert rare coin council, and free appraisals. For customers interested in investing their IRAs in valuable metals like gold or silver, GoldDealer offers IRA services. Lastly, the company owns an audio gold news channel that broadcasts an expert exposition of its services and products. 

GoldDealer IRA Services

As stated above, GoldDealer offers IRA services for people who want to invest their IRA funds in valuable metals. They work with the New Direction IRA to provide a platform for customers who want to integrate different valuable metals into their retirement portfolios. The company provides help in setting up any amount of precious metal IRA products. 

GoldDealer is not regarded as an authentic IRA custodian since they do not have a secure storage facility. So, they act as a facilitator and not a conservator of the investment services they work with. Setting up an IRA account is a simple process that does not require a high fee. 

There is an annual storage fee of $225, an initial setup fee of $150, and an annual administration fee between $75 – $295. Once your self-directed IRA account has been opened, you can grow your retirement portfolio by investing a percentage of your yearly income. That is all you need to know about the IRA services GoldDealer offers. 

Precious Metals and Bullions 

GoldDealer does not only deal in gold and silver but in other precious metals giving their customers a wide variety of options. The company sells gold bullion products ranging in size from 1 Oz to 1 kilogram. They also sell and buy a variety of bullion gold coins which are produced by different countries. 

GoldDealer also sells coins and silver bullion bars (like the 1 Oz silver round and the 1 Oz American silver eagle) that range from 1 Oz to 1 kilogram. In addition to this, they sell and buy products made from other valuable metals such as palladium, rhodium, and platinum.

The company deals with platinum coins and bars, such as the Australian Platinum Kangaroo, American Platinum Eagle, and the Australian Platinum Platypus. As a buyer or investor, you can engage the services of GoldDealer for limited mintage bullion and other rare coins. This will diversify their investment portfolio and retirement savings regarding precious metal options. 

GoldDealer's services continue beyond the abovementioned features, as the company also offers free shipping, a national price rate, secure storage at CNT (an autonomous and fully-insured storage facility), and zero commission on customer sales. 

GoldDealer’s Ranking and Reviews 

GoldDealer has an average rating of 4.1 over 5 which is quite impressive, and the company gets more positive comments than negative ones. This puts the company at an advantage over others. Unfortunately, the company has only 227 registered reviews from 2013 till now, which is quite low for a company that has existed for over forty years.

GoldDealer has an A+ Better Business Bureau rating and only one complaint about unreliable delivery service. GoldDealer also has an AAA Business Consumer Alliance rating with zero complaints and has been a charter member for years. The company has a 4.8 rating out of 5 on Trustpilot alongside over 1,000 reviews, with about 90 percent being positive. Lastly, the company has a 2.6 rating out of 5 on TrustLink, which is its lowest. 

Pros of GoldDealer

With all that is written above, there is no doubt that GoldDealer has a long list of advantages that will make you want to work with the company. They are experts who have been in the game for over forty years and offer a variety of top-notch investment options. The pros of working with GoldDealer are written below.


The first advantage of GoldDealer is that it offers reasonable and competitive pricing compared to other precious metal companies in the US. Their investment services and products have reasonable pricing, which is advantageous for every buyer and investor. You can buy the products cheaply and sell them at a competitive price. 

Easy Transactions

GoldDealer allows for easy, quick, and hassle-free transactions which is something to look forward to. The buying and selling gold and other precious metals is easy as the company offers a smooth transaction process. No tax or paperwork is on every coin purchase exceeding $1500. All you need to do is let the sales folks fill out the order based on what you want after you liaise with them.

An Educational Website

The GoldDealer website has an outdated appearance, which is the first thing you will notice, but it is quite educational. It is filled with all the necessary information and resources on all you need to know, especially as a new investor. There is information on numismatics, precious metals, and other informed topics to help expand one’s knowledge. 

The resources are beneficial not only to new investors who want to learn more about investing but also to old investors who want to broaden their investment knowledge. You will find different resources like the advantages of IRA, the risks of precious metals investment, metal pie charts, and others. 

Quality and Rare Selection of Coins

Another advantage of GoldDealer is its versatility and quality regarding its selection of coins – they provide quality bullions and coins verified by the Professional Coin Grading Service, which is widely recognized and respected. Unlike other dealers, GoldDealer also deals with rare, valuable metals such as Platinum, Rhodium, and Palladium. 

Other Features include:

  • GoldDealer is a versatile precious metals company as customers can choose between the online or physical store. The physical store is in California, where customers can walk in to make necessary inquiries and purchase products. The company also has an online store for online purchases, which is advantageous for customers far from the physical store.
  • Customers can access free appraisals and market insights.
  • Golddealer offers fast shipping for customers who want to get their order in less than three weeks. Their shipping service is not just fast but also dependable.
  • Golddealer has excellent ratings from Trustpilot and Better Business Bureau, making it a trusted service.

Cons of GoldDealer

Inasmuch as GoldDealer has many advantages, there are also some disadvantages of working with the company. Luckily, these cons do not override the company’s excellent ratings and impressive investment options. 

An Outdated Website

As stated above, the company’s outdated website appearance is the first thing one will notice despite the many educational resources and information on it. The website is not user-friendly and also outdated. The menu of the website is usually overcrowded, so customers find it difficult to find information easily, coupled with the fact that it could be more appealing. Also, technical glitches usually affect the website, and they are usually about metal price updates. This makes it difficult for investors to make decisions. 

GoldDealer is Not a Custodian

Most people may consider the fact that GoldDealer is not an authentic IRA custodian a disadvantage as the company does not have custodian facilities. Customers will need to select a different storage facility to store their precious metals for their IRA, as they cannot store them in the company's exact location. 

Poor Customer Support and Service

Yes, it was stated above that GoldDealer has a helpful and friendly staff to guide customers. Still, the disadvantage is that customers are usually ignored after their cheques are cleared. Customers state that they receive exceptional service during the buying process, but they are ignored or treated rudely after that. 

There are complaints from customers about how they do not receive information regarding the shipping process, order confirmation, or funding receipts. Some customers even have to contact the company to get updates about their transactions. 

Insufficient Reviews

GoldDealer has excellent Trustpilot and Better Business Bureau ratings, but these ratings result from only a few customer feedbacks, which cannot equal the appropriate customer satisfaction. Even though getting feedback from every customer is impossible, the average feedback could be higher for a company that has been in business for over 40 years. 

An Unreliable Delivery System

There have been complaints from some customers that the delivery service of the company could be more reliable as it takes a long time before their orders are shipped. Some also complain that their products come in poor conditions, concluding that the company's delivery system is relatively poor. 

Final Thoughts 

GoldDealer is a legit company well-known in the precious metals business and has fantastic ratings from recognized platforms and organizations. The company has many investment options, top-notch products, and other services like free appraisals. But, the company is not free from disadvantages like no in-house storage facility and poor customer care services. Choosing this company solely depends on your needs and what is best for you. 

If you're interested in investing in precious metals to protect your portfolio, it's better to work with a company that cares about doing the best thing for your wealth.

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