Emgoldex Review

Emgoldex Review

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There are different companies that offer lucrative investment opportunities. One of which is Emgoldex that specializes in the precious metals industry. However, it has been the subject of controversy and speculation due to its business model, which some critics have labeled as a pyramid scheme. 

It has been accused of using a pyramid scheme model to attract people, with some testimonials claiming that they have not even received the promised returns on their investment. However, the company has denied these accusations and has maintained that it operates a legitimate business.

Despite the controversy surrounding Emgoldex, the company has continued to attract those who are drawn to the prospect of venturing out into gold and earning high returns. With this in mind, it is important for potential clients to conduct thorough research and due diligence before trusting in Emgoldex or any other opportunity.

In this article, we will examine Emgoldex's business model, its history, the pros and cons of investing in the company, and whether it is a legitimate opportunity or a scam. Our aim is to provide readers like you with a comprehensive and unbiased review of Emgoldex so that you can make an informed decision about whether you'll trust the company.

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Emgoldex Review

What is Emgoldex?

Emgoldex is a gold trading platform that offers a wide range of financial commodities for trade, including gold, silver, platinum, and palladium bullion bars. It has been operating for over ten years and is considered the top gold trading platform in the Philippines. It sets itself apart as it leverages its international network of partners and traders to provide a wide selection of hard-to-come-by financial instruments so that clients never have problems buying or selling them.

Formally, it is a multi-level marketing company that claims to offer opportunities in gold bullion bars. According to Emgoldex, clients can purchase gold bullion bars at wholesale prices and earn profits by referring new people to the company. It promises to pay them a commission for each referral they make, as well as bonuses and incentives for achieving certain levels of sales.

However, Emgoldex's business model has been the subject of controversy and scrutiny, with some accusing the company of running a pyramid scheme or a Ponzi scheme. 

Benefits and Drawbacks of Using Emgoldex


  • They offer a wide range of delivery options to choose from.
  • Their prices for gold and silver bullion bars are among the lowest in the industry.
  • They operate 24/7, giving clients the flexibility to place orders at any time.
  • Lastly, they feature highly customized payment structures, ensuring transparency and anonymity in every transaction.


  • Emgoldex has a slow customer service response time, which can be frustrating for clients seeking quick assistance.
  • There is limited online support beyond a contact us section on their website, which means there is no information about them and their products.
  • Emgoldex has been known to overcharge clients.
  • Withdrawals from Emgoldex accounts can be difficult if the client's bank or credit institution does not provide full account access.
  • They do not allow their clients to withdraw their funds upon investing it.
  • The company depends on network marketing to generate profits.
Emgoldex Review

Is Emgoldex a Legitimate Investment Opportunity?

The legitimacy of Emgoldex has been the subject of much debate and controversy. Indeed, Emgoldex is a scam.  Circumstances surrounding the company like negative online reviews, its fishy business model, and other red flags cause us to believe that it is not a legitimate investment opportunity.

Though it claims to be a trustworthy and reliable company that operates in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations, there are concerns raised by financial experts that Emgoldex's business model is based on network marketing. What this means is that clients earn commissions by recruiting new members to the platform. While network marketing is a legal business model, it has been associated with many scams and fraudulent schemes in the past.

Another concern raised is that the company's promised returns are too high to be sustainable, with promises to earn up to 600% on some of its plans,which is abnormal compared to the returns offered by other reputable investment companies.. Many have expressed skepticism about the company's ability to generate such high returns on a sustainable basis.

Finally, there have been testimonials on various review sites of customers losing their money after putting it in the company. Aside from the fact that they were promised high returns on their assets but received little or no gains and returns, some have also reported difficulties in withdrawing their funds from the platform.

While it claims to be a legitimate investment opportunity, the issues surrounding it beg to differ. It is noteworthy that there have been regulatory actions taken against them in several countries. In 2015, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in the Philippines issued a warning stating that the company was operating without a license and was engaged in fraud and scams. In 2016, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the UK also stated that the company was also operating without authorization and was engaging in fraudulent activities.

It is important to note that venturing out into alternative assets can be one of the best financial decisions you'll be making. However, you should also be cautious and do your due diligence before trusting any company that claims to offer high returns and absurd features on this matter. You should also be aware of the risks associated with the industry, such as fluctuations in the price of gold and the possibility of fraud.

How They Operate

Emgoldex offers its clients the chance to deposit money into their accounts, which they would then use to buy or sell gold or silver trading contracts. They claimed that they would buy and sell orders on the market based on their experience level, hoping to earn more money off their clients than they were paying them into their accounts.

This was the marketing strategy they used in order to scam clients in the Philippines. They offered low prices on their products to attract as many clients as possible. However, when it was time to withdraw their money, they would convert all their clients' savings into cash, essentially paying them back what they had deposited in their accounts. This meant that clients did not receive the high returns they were promised, and instead, they lost their invested capital.

Through its clever marketing strategy and promises of high returns, the company took advantage of the people's trust and lack of knowledge about the forex trading industry, ultimately profiting from their losses.

Red Flags to Look Out For

There are several red flags that you should look out for when considering investing in Emgoldex or any other gold companies. By doing so, you will save time and avoid the inconvenience and hassle of losing your hard-earned money to those with ill intent. Some things you should watch for are as follows.

  • Abnormally High Promised Returns - As mentioned earlier, the company promises incredibly high returns on its products, which is a clear red flag. You should be wary of any person or company that promises returns that are too good to be true.'For instance, Emgoldex Philippines promised that a P1,000 ($22.61) investment would earn profits ranging from P5,000 ($113.05) to P10,000 ($226.11) or a P35,000 ($791.40) would return P180,000 ($4,070.04) to P360,000 ($8,139.77)
  • Lack of Transparency - The company is known for its lack of transparency when it comes to its business operation. As of writing this article their website is not helpful and lacks the necessary information you need to start investing with them. You should know that it's not advisable to transact with a company that is not transparent about how they operate or how they use and store clients' money.
  • Unlicensed and Unregulated - Emgoldex has been subject to regulatory actions in several countries, including the Philippines and the UK. You should only trust companies that are licensed and regulated by the appropriate authorities. These are typically clear signs that the company is not trustworthy or a scam.
  • Pressure to Recruit - Also, it operates on a multi-level marketing model, which means that clients are encouraged to recruit new members to the program in order to earn money and commissions. A good and legitimate investment opportunity never puts pressure to recruit others, as this is often a sign of a pyramid scheme.
  • Lack of Protection - To add, it does not provide any protection to its clients, which means that if the company goes bankrupt or if it is engaged in fraud, you may lose your entire assets.
Emgoldex Review

How to Avoid Companies Like Them

It is essential to take some vital steps to avoid falling prey to fraudulent companies like Emgoldex.

The first step is to conduct comprehensive due diligence on the company before putting out any money. It is highly important to research the company thoroughly, including its history, track record, and reviews or complaints from other customers. Also, you should be cautious of companies that promise abnormally high returns or use aggressive sales tactics, with Emgoldex as a good example.

The next step is to check whether the company is registered and regulated by the appropriate authorities in your country. This ensures that the company is legitimate and adhering to specific standards and regulations from the government. You should not blindly trust unregistered and unregulated companies as they are likely to run away with your money, making it harder for you to achieve your financial goals. 

The third step is to be vigilant of unsolicited offers or cold calls from unfamiliar companies. Legitimate gold companies are usually not advertised through these channels. You should be cautious of the offers you receive and don't easily believe them, even when their words sound very convincing.

Remember to never invest more than you can afford to lose. This is a fundamental rule of investing, but it is especially crucial when dealing with high-risk investments or companies with a questionable track record.

Lastly, if you have any doubts or concerns about an investment opportunity, seek the advice of a professional financial advisor before making any decisions. They can help you evaluate the risks and benefits of the investment and provide guidance on how to proceed. It is always better to be safe than sorry.

Emgoldex Review

What You Need to Know About Precious Metals

What makes companies like Emgoldex attractive to investors is because of the benefits that come with Investing in precious metals like gold, silver, platinum, and palladium. Here are some reasons why people choose to invest in precious metals:

  • Diversification - They can provide diversification for an investment portfolio as you branch out to alternative assets. Since precious metals are different from than stocks, bonds, and other traditional investments, adding precious metals to a portfolio can help reduce overall risk and volatility.
  • Inflation Hedge - They are often viewed as a protection against inflation. Though the value of paper currency decreases due to inflation, the value of precious metals typically increases, helping you to protect your purchasing power.
  • Reliability - Precious metals have been recognized for thousands of years as a form of currency or a symbol of wealth. Unlike paper currency or digital assets, these have tangible value and can be held in physical form, providing a sense of security for those who prefer to see and look at their assets.
  • Demand - There is always demand for these types of assets, regardless of the economic climate. This can sell your metals, and there will always be someone willing to buy it.
  • Limited Supply - Unlike paper currency, which can be printed at will by governments, the supply of precious metals is limited. This scarcity can help maintain their value over time.

However, it is important to carefully consider the risks and potential drawbacks of putting your money in precious metals before making any decisions. Raad more in our guide on investing in precious metals.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, Emgoldex is not a legitimate investment opportunity. The company's business model is based on network marketing, which has been associated with many scams and fraudulent schemes in the past. Additionally, the promised returns are too high to be sustainable, and there have been reports of clients losing their money after investing in this company. Furthermore, there have been regulatory actions taken against Emgoldex in several countries.

You should be cautious and do your due diligence before trusting any company that claims to offer high returns that are impossible or too good to be true. Though gold and other precious metals are a solid addition to your portfolio, you should still be aware of the risks associated with investing in this asset class. Ultimately, you should only invest with companies that are licensed and regulated by the appropriate authorities and have a proven track record of delivering returns.

If you're interested in investing in precious metals to protect your portfolio, it's better to work with a company that cares about doing the best thing for your wealth.

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