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If you are interested in investing and dealing in rare coins and are looking for the best precious metals company to do so, it is highly likely that you have EBW Coin on your list. Searching for an exceptional coin dealer that suits your investment plans and financial goals can be a difficult process, as there are many out there to choose from. On the long list of coin dealers is EBW Coin – a retail coin dealer that has been in the precious metals industry for over 20 years. 

EBW Coin is a reputable and reliable coin dealer established in 1996. This is advantageous for clients looking to work with an experienced precious metals company that has been around for quite a while. The company offers retail services, which include a wide selection of coins like platinum, silver and gold. In addition to the retail services they offer, collectors and investors get to benefit from their wholesale services. 

EBW Coin has proven to be a reliable company to work with and invest in your precious metals. Investing in precious metals and dealing with coins is a great way to protect your financial value. In this guide, we will outline what you need to know about EBW Coin to help you decide whether the company fits your financial and investment goals. 

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EBW Coin

What is EBW Coin? 

As mentioned above, EBW Coin is a reliable coin dealer established in 1996, making it a reputable company to work with. They offer retail and wholesale services to their clients alongside a wide variety of coins for them to choose from. The company has an extensive collection of paper money and rare coins, which they constantly update with their newest releases. This way, clients can access a constantly updated inventory to diversify their portfolios. 

EBW Coin has a vision that they constantly run with to ensure they provide the best services to their customers, and this is to provide their clients with a top-notch experience when buying coins from the company. The company ensures that customers have a seamless process during every transaction, and they have achieved this by constantly upgrading their checkout process and website. As mentioned above, the company also constantly expands their inventory by adding new products for customers. 

The essence of these measures taken by EBW Coin is to ensure two things for their clients: utmost satisfaction whenever they make a purchase with the company and to ensure that they find the suitable and perfect coin to add to their collection while shopping. So far, EBW Coin has managed to achieve both, thereby making it a customer favourite and top choice amongst coin dealers and precious metals investors. 

Overall, EBW Coin offers many advantages, more to be explained below, and is perfect for both new and returning investors and dealers as it provides all they could need.

EBW Coin

EBW Coin’s Security

Dealing with coins and investing in precious metals is a delicate process as it involves the financial value of every client that works with the company. So, it is essential that every customer's information is secured and guaranteed that there will be no third-party interference except when needed. This includes the client's financial and personal information – every data entered into the company's website. 

It is normal for people to be hesitant when it comes to buying coins and investing their coins online due to security concerns. Most of the time, some precious metals companies are not what they claim to be, and individuals end up getting scammed. EBW Coin ensures that every client working with them rests assured about their personal and financial information stored by taking the necessary security measures. This makes it a safe and reliable precious metals company to work with. 

The precious metals company makes SSL encryption to protect their client's financial and personal information. In addition, EBW Coin ensures a highly secure checkout process so that customers are sure that every purchase and transaction they make with the company is highly protected. It is because of this that EBW Coin is regarded as one of the top three most secure and safe websites to buy and invest coins after a concluded recent study. 

The company is one of the top three safest websites due to its safety measures put in place, customer satisfaction and commitment. 

EBW Coin

EBW Coin Ratings and Reviews

It is natural to review a company's ratings and reviews before choosing to work with them. EBW has been in the precious metals business for more than 20 years, so it is normal that they will have lots of reviews online. Luckily, this coin dealer has great ratings and reviews online – the clients are satisfied with many aspects of the company, including their customer service, products and prices, as a more significant percentage have only had good things to say. 

There are many different reviews from a number of clients who stated that working with EBW Coin has been nothing but a positive experience. Purchasing coins from the company has been nothing but a seamless and worthwhile experience. One customer said that they have been working with EBW Coin for years, and they always keep returning due to the company's excellent service. The customer said they have an impressive selection of products and fair prices. 

Another customer review mentioned EBW Coin as a great company to work with, as they have always been satisfied with their purchases and transactions. There are many more positive reviews alongside these fantastic reviews. The precious metals company is an NGC – Numismatic Guaranty Corporation – authorized dealer, a PCGS – Professional Coin Grading Service – authorized dealer and a CCE member firm. The company is also a part of the American Numismatic Association. 

Regarding ratings, the precious metals company also has excellent ratings on online platforms, which further prove its reliability and great reputation. The company has 5 out of 5 stars on Google Reviews and 4 out of 5 stars on Trustpilot. In addition, they have an A+ rating with the BBB – Better Business Bureau. What more could one possibly need when searching for an excellent company?

EBW Coin Pricing

When it comes to pricing, EBW Coin is known for its competitive pricing on all the products they offer. As mentioned above, the company has a wide variety of rare coins for customers to choose from, and the prices of these coins are very reasonable. For payment, they offer a wide selection of payment options to choose from, including bank transfers, credit cards and PayPal. This way, customers have a wide variety of options and can pay for purchases conveniently. 

In addition to these advantages, this precious metals company also offers free shipping for every order or purchase that is more than $500, which is quite less compared to other precious metals companies that offer from $1,000 and above. So, if you have an interest in investing in rare coins, EBW Coin is a great option to go for, especially in terms of pricing. The company does not try to take advantage of inexperienced and new buyers who know little about coin dealing, purchasing and investing. 

This is why it is a great choice for new investors and buyers. Because the customer service is top notch, they always answer all their clients' questions and sort out all their problems – experienced and inexperienced customers. 

EBW Promotions and Discounts 

What are the mouth-watering discounts and promotions make working with this precious metals company worthwhile? EBW Coin offers different promotions and discounts to their clients for a more enjoyable working experience. The company has a newsletter that constantly updates clients with all the necessary information that they need to know. If you sign up for their newsletter, you will get a coupon for a discount on your next purchase with the company – 10% off. 

Also, EBW Coin offers a wide range of discounts and deals on coins, including the one mentioned above – free shipping on every order above $500. The company also has a reward program – if you sign up for their reward program, as the name states, you will get points for every purchase that you make with the company. Your accumulated points can be redeemed at a later time to enter into drawings for prizes or future purchases. 

The discounts and promotions that EBW Coin offers can only be enjoyed by their clients once they start working with the company. 

EBW Coin

Shipping with EBW Coin

As stated above, clients get free shipping when they make orders that are more than 500 dollars. Apart from this shipping option, there are many others that the company provides to ensure the smooth delivery of products to their customers. The best part is that purchasing coins from EBW Coins and having them delivered to your doorstep has no problems attached to it. Customers can rest assured when they apply for their products shipped with EBW Coin. 

This is because of the company’s excellent reputation for shipping their products on time and in good condition. The company offers a wide selection of other shipping methods, such as USPS, UPS and FedEx. Lastly, they offer international shipping for clients that stay in other countries, which is advantageous. 

Pros & Cons of EBW Coin

There is no doubt that EBW Coin is a fantastic coin dealer and precious metals company, as there have only been good things to say about them. Even with that, it is essential to always do the necessary research before working with the company – whether you are new to coin collecting or have been in the business for quite some time. 

EBW Coin has different advantages of working with them but also has a couple of disadvantages, which are highly natural. They are listed below:


  • EBW Coin Offers a Wide Variety of Coins: EBW Coin offers a wide variety of coins for customers to choose from. The company's website divides these coins into categories for a seamless transaction process, such as Most Popular, New Products and Featured Products. Unlike some other precious metals companies, EBW has their prices on their website so customers can know what they are buying without having to call a representative.

    Some of the different coins the company offers include the 2023 American Silver Eagle 1 Oz MS-69 NGC Brown Label and the 1879-CC Morgan Silver Dollar.
  • EBW Coin Provides Excellent Customer Service: EBW Coin provides excellent customer service to their clients ensuring that all their questions are answered and their problems solved promptly. This feature is advantageous not only to experienced customers who have one or two questions to ask but inexperienced clients who need to learn about coin dealing or do not have essential information. When working with EBW Coin, one can always rest assured that the customer service will serve them well. 
  • Competitive Pricing: EBW Coin offers competitive pricing on all its products, and each price is very reasonable. 
  • Secure website: when working with EBW Coin, you do not have to worry about leakage of your financial or personal information to a third party as the website is secured using SSL encryption. The company also offers a secure checkout process to ensure all purchases are protected. 


  • Coins certified by third-party grading services are not sold by EBW Coin, which can be seen as a disadvantage to its customers and buyers, especially those looking for a particular kind of coin.

Final Thoughts 

EBW Coin is an exceptional coin dealing company that has been in the business for more than two decades, making it a trusted company. They offer a lot of advantageous services, promotions and a wide selection of coins. They are a full-service numismatic company recommended for experienced and inexperienced coin dealers. 

Unfortunately, the company does not sell certified (third-party grading services) coins, but customers will always be given a certificate of authenticity for every coin purchase they make. 

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