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Client Login Portals consolidated on one page

Better Financial Education does not operate the below login webpages because they are maintained by separate firms. I have consolidated the links to the main sites here for your convenience on one page so that you are sure you are going to the proper website (i.e., not phished by an emailed link).



Your Big Picture and Long-Term Reports.


Buckingham Strategic Partners (formerly Loring Ward). Powered by Envestnet. Current clients may log-in (click on "Structured Investing" photo*) to go to the Buckingham Strategic Partners website where you can access your current account information and reports.

This website informs you as to what your portfolio has done to date (past to present). These reports provide "big picture" results for your holdings. You activate this site online using your account information. Please contact me for any technical issues on this site.


Your Details and Monthly Reports.


Charles Schwab Advisor Services. Current clients may log-in (click on "Charles Schwab Advisor Services" photo) to to go Charles Schwab Advisor Service's client website to access current account information.

This site provides specific details for your holdings and tax documents. You activate this site through the instructions on that site for new people. Schwab Advisor Services is the Institutional side where clients work with independent advisors (not the brokerage side) and  is a Custodial Bank, described in item III in this blog.

If you have any technical issues with this site, since this is a bank's website, they strictly control access for obvious protection of your money, please contact them at 800-780-2755. They are available by phone Monday through Friday: 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. ET.



If you are looking for forms, you may click here to go to Client Administration page.


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