CBMint Review

CBMint Review

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Investing in precious metals can be a great way to diversify your portfolio and protect against inflation and economic uncertainties. However, for many investors, navigating the precious metals market can be daunting and overwhelming. That's where dealers come in - they can help you make informed decisions and find the right products to suit your financial needs.

CBMint is one such dealer that has been gaining attention in the precious metals industry.  One thing that it is doing right is its free shipping and insurance, making them a good choice for those wanting to save on these fees. However, like any dealer, it also has its downsides. One potential drawback is that it is not an IRA custodian and those wanting to open an account must look elsewhere.  

As investing in precious metals can be a complex and intimidating process, it is important to thoroughly evaluate a company's offerings and reputation before making any major decisions. Read on to learn more about this company and make the right choice.

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CBMint Review

What is CBMint?

CBMint is a highly respected online retailer of precious metals based in Plano, Texas. Founded by a group of investors who shared the belief that precious physical metals are a crucial part of any investment strategy, it strives to provide the best customer service in the industry while offering low pricing on its products.

In addition, it is registered in the state of Texas and has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. To add, it prides itself on sourcing the majority of its bullion products directly from the mints that manufacture them, ensuring that all products are authentic and in pristine condition. This practice also allows them to pass on cost savings to their customers.

It is also worth noting that its mission is to provide a seamless and secure buying experience for its clients. They offer a simple checkout process that is secure and flexible, giving users the option to use any of the various payment methods available. Shipping and insurance on bullion purchases are always free to addresses within the continental United States.

If you care about service, the company is proud to say that if you are ever less than 100% satisfied with the service you receive, you can always contact them to attempt to remedy the situation. Aside from this, it uses the latest in encryption technology to ensure a secure and safe shopping experience and safeguards private information with strong encryption throughout the entire shopping process.

While their website doesn't provide detailed information about the company's founders, it does emphasize the company's commitment to providing the best possible customer experience while offering competitive pricing and high-quality products. By sourcing directly from manufacturers, offering a simple checkout process, and prioritizing customer service and security, it has established itself as a premier online retailer of alternative assets.

CBMint Review

CBMint’s Features

As it is a reputable online precious metals retailer, it is known to offer a range of features to help investors make the most of their investments. Here are some of the key features that set CBMint apart from other retailers:

  • Simple Buying Experience - It has a simple and easy-to-use website, which makes the buying experience a breeze. Its checkout process is straightforward, secure, and flexible, allowing clients to use any of the various payment methods available. 
  • Seamless Customer Service - Another standout feature of the company is its commitment to providing exceptional service. Customer satisfaction is a top priority, and if, for any reason, a client is not satisfied with their service, CBMint's representatives are always available via email or phone to resolve the issue. They are knowledgeable and dedicated, ensuring that customers receive prompt and courteous assistance.
  • Industry-Leading Security - As they utilize the latest in encryption technology, you are assured that every transaction with them is secure and safe. The company values its customers' privacy and only collects the necessary information to complete a purchase. Throughout the entire shopping process, they safeguard their customers' private information with strong encryption.
  • Knowledgeable and Experienced Team - CBMint boasts a team of knowledgeable and experienced professionals who are passionate about the industry. It has assembled a team of bullion investors, investment planners, mining consultants, software engineers, and customer service executives across multiple cities and continents. Their diverse pool of talent ensures that the company remains at the forefront of the industry and that customers receive the best advice and support possible.
  • Direct sourcing from manufacturers - By doing so, it can offer fair and competitive pricing. This also means that you can trust that the products they receive are authentic and in pristine condition.
  • Free shipping and insurance - All orders include free shipping and insurance to addresses within the United States. This is a great value for investors who want to protect their investments without having to pay additional fees for shipping or insurance.
  • Sell your precious metals - They also offer a service to buy back assets from investors. This is a convenient option for those who want to sell their precious metals without having to navigate the complex and often confusing process of finding a buyer.  The good thing is that their selling process is as easy as 1,2,3. You will need to ship or deliver your metals to them, and there are no hidden costs or fees associated with the transaction. You don’t need to worry as the company makes sure that the entire process is transparent, and you can get more information about this process on their website.
CBMint Review

Products and Services

The company also offers a variety of products for those interested in purchasing physical bullion. They specialize in selling gold, silver, platinum, palladium, and rhodium coins and bars. 

One of their standout features is the wide selection of products they offer. You can choose from a variety of popular products such as American Gold Eagles, Canadian Maple Leafs, South African Krugerrands, and more. Aside from this, you can also buy unique products such as rare silver bars and coins from around the world, making your portfolio more valuable.

CBMint Review

How to Buy or Sell with CBMint

Buying precious metals with them is a straightforward process. First, browse through their extensive collection of gold, silver, platinum, palladium, and rhodium coins and bars on their website. Once you've found the product you want, add it to your cart and proceed to checkout. They also have a variety of payment options, including bank wire transfers, personal checks, cashier's checks, and credit cards, making the purchase experience smooth and easy.

One of the great things about the company is that all orders come with free shipping and insurance. They ship to addresses within the continental United States and provide a tracking number so you can follow your order's progress.

If you're interested in selling your precious metals, the company offers that option as well. They offer competitive prices and make the selling process simple and straightforward. Contact them via email or phone to receive a more accurate quote for your precious metals. Once you accept the offer, they will provide you with instructions on how to ship your items to them. Once they receive and verify your items, they'll send payment to you promptly.

Overall, CBMint offers a convenient and secure way to buy and sell precious metals online. Their simple buying process, competitive pricing, and excellent customer service make them a popular choice among investors looking to add precious physical metals to their portfolios.

CBMint Review

CBMint’s Cancellation and Insurance Policies

CBMint has a fully automated shopping experience, and they strongly advise customers to review each order carefully before committing to purchase since it is difficult to modify an order once it is placed. However, items purchased at CBMint can be canceled in accordance with their market loss policy. The Market Loss Policy is in place to protect the company from market price fluctuations that may occur between the time an order is placed and when a cancellation is requested. 

Also, the company offers insurance on all orders at no additional charge, and it is included in the shipping and handling fee. If anything happens to a package while it is in transit, their insurance policy will cover it. If products are lost or damaged in transit after they ship to the customer, CBMint accepts the responsibility to pursue claims with the insurance company. However, they cannot accept responsibility for loss if the customer has left instructions with any carrier to leave packages unattended or if they have given instructions to leave the package with anyone else. It is also worth noting that their insurance policies extend to packages in transit, and once the UPS or FedEx carrier obtains the Adult Signature or USPS package complete delivery, their insurance policies cease coverage.

CBMint Review

Is CBMint Legit?

Despite some concerns, CBMint is not a scam. The company has earned an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, which is a strong indication that they are a legitimate company. However, there are some issues that should be considered before choosing to work with them. We have identified several red flags to watch out for.

Limited Reviews

One of the biggest concerns is the lack of reviews for CBMint on trusted online review sites. While CBMint has received an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, this does not provide a complete picture of the company's reputation or customer satisfaction. Without a significant number of customer reviews, it is difficult to gauge how reliable and trustworthy it is as a precious metals investment company. This also makes it hard to determine how the company treats its customers and whether they are satisfied with the products and services provided to them. Thus, this can make it feel like more of a gamble to decide to work with them.

Unclear and Difficult to Use Website

Additionally, their website is not very clear or informative. It is difficult to find information about the founders of the company beyond what is stated on the website.  While CBMint claims to have been founded by a group of precious metals investors, there is no mention of who these individuals are or their experience in the industry. This lack of transparency may indicate that CBMint is not as reputable as other precious metals investment companies. This can be a concern for potential customers who want to know more about the company before investing. 

Aside from this, there is difficulty in accessing and navigating CBMint's website. We encountered errors and connection problems while trying to view their site It seems to be experiencing a lot of issues, with errors and connection problems preventing users from fully viewing all pages on the website. This may suggest that the company does not prioritize its online presence or invest in maintaining a user-friendly website.

Minimum Order Requirement

Another issue with CBMint is that they only process orders of at least $500. Though this might not be an issue for those looking to invest large sums of money, it may prevent smaller investors from doing business with them

Lack of IRA Services

Additionally, CBMint is not an IRA custodian, so customers will need to work with a different IRA custodian if they want to open a gold IRA.

Here are the summarized pros and cons of transacting with this company. Take these into consideration before you decide to partner with them.


  • CBMint offers free shipping and full insurance on all orders, which can save customers money in the long run.
  • Customers can invest in a variety of precious metals beyond just gold and silver, including platinum, palladium, and rhodium.
  • If customers are looking to sell their precious metals, CBMint may be able to purchase them at fair market prices.


  • Reviews for CBMint are scarce online, which can make it difficult for customers to determine if the company is trustworthy and reliable.
  • The company requires a minimum order of $500, which may not be feasible for some customers who are just starting to invest in precious metals.
  • CBMint is not an IRA custodian, which means that customers who want to open a precious metals IRA will need to work with a different company.
  • Their website has experienced technical issues in the past, which can be frustrating for customers trying to make purchases or access information.

In conclusion, while CBMint is not a scam, the red flags mentioned above should be considered before deciding to invest in the company. It may be prudent to explore other options and choose a precious metals investment company with a more transparent and reputable reputation.

Final Thoughts

CBMint is a company that is known for offering a range of products and services for those looking to invest in gold, silver, platinum, palladium, and rhodium. While they offer free shipping and insurance on orders and may even purchase precious metals from customers, there are several red flags to consider when deciding whether to work with CBMint. These include the lack of online reviews, a high minimum order amount, and the company not being an IRA custodian.  Additionally, their website has been reported to experience issues and errors, which can be frustrating for potential customers. 

With all of these factors in mind, we do not recommend CBMint as the best option for investing in precious metals. It is worth considering other companies that offer greater transparency, a wider range of services, and a more positive reputation among customers.

With all of these factors in mind, we do not recommend CBMint as the best option for investing in precious metals. It is worth considering other companies that offer greater transparency, a wider range of services, and a more positive reputation among customers.

Although we do think that CBMint is not a scam, we believe that there are way better companies out there to make your investment with.

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