BullionMax Review

BullionMax Review

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Many precious metals companies make it difficult when choosing the right one for your investments. It all depends on which fits your needs and suits your choices. BullionMax is a precious metals company on the long list of precious metals investment companies that sells its products through its website alongside insured and direct shipping. 

BullionMax was established in 2020, making it a new company compared to others on the list. However, the company's quality still needs to be improved as they have a team with nearly 100 years of experience. As a client working with BullionMax, you are guaranteed access to the most accessible valuable metals at competitive prices. 

BullionMax is a large-scale company that assures customers that stock will always be available. When they order from the site, they will deliver it to their destination directly from the warehouse. But with all of these, is BullionMax, the right company for your investments? In this review, we will explore BullionMax to help you determine if it is the right company to invest in precious metals. 

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BullionMax Review

What is BullionMax?

As stated above, BullionMax is a new company as it was established in 2020, but the company's team possesses a combined total of nearly 100 years of experience, which is very impressive. BullionMax offers competitive prices for its precious metals, including gold, palladium, silver, and platinum. According to BullionMax, they aim to build a company with the best customer experience. 

This is why they have strongly emphasized building positive and strong relationships with their customers while supporting them. They have achieved this by providing excellent customer service and investing in leadership and innovation so each customer gets the personal attention they deserve. BullionMax aims to build long-term client relationships, so they keep bringing advantageous features to the table. 

BullionMax offers low prices to their customers and a seamless buying experience. As stated above, they always have available stock for their clients to purchase when they want. They also offer a limited selection of silver and gold items. This helps to restrict the amount of time it takes to choose the precious metal you want to invest in so the company can process your order quickly. 

BullionMax also has a leadership team that has been available since the company was established. The essence of this team is to ensure safety and efficiency during every client's buying and selling process, which helps to reduce operational costs. For example, if a client chooses to purchase gold in an IRA – a retirement account – the company allows them to buy their gold in a tax-advantaged way. 

This way, they have a diversified portfolio that goes beyond the usual asset classes like bonds. 

BullionMax Review

Selling Valuable Metals to BullionMax

Selling precious metals to BullionMax is an easy process, as customers can lock in their price simply by calling. And the best part is customers can also get paid simply by calling. BullionMax has a $1,000 minimum for selling any precious metals to them. The simple process that helps clients liquidate their precious metals and get paid is supported by agents who make it as seamless and stress-free as possible.

So, if you are interested, all you need to do is call or email BullionMax, and they will give you an offer. They will ask you a couple of questions to give you an exact price. The questions will be to have all the information about the precious metal you are selling and how to identify it if you need clarification. Once they have your details, they will provide you with the most competitive price. 

You can choose to reject or lock in the price they give you. If you want to accept the price, lock it in and follow the instructions to ship your items. There is no need to worry about hidden fees, as BullionMax is transparent about their quoted prices. Once they have verified your shipment, they will inspect it and issue your payment. 

Gold IRAs

A gold IRA is a retirement account that allows you to put IRS-approved valuable metals like gold under the supervision of a custodian. The rules of a precious metals IRA (also a gold IRA) are similar to a traditional one. BullionMax is not considered an IRA custodian, but they help customers to buy IRA-approved bars and coins that they can add to their precious metals IRA. 

Since a gold IRA is a retirement account, it is an excellent financial decision for people who want to benefit from investing their precious metals and saving for retirement. BullionMax only accepts precious metals that fit the IRS criteria – silver bars and coins must be at least 99.9% pure, and gold bars and coins at least 99.5% pure. 

A team member will always be available to answer all inquiries and provide all the information you need about the process. Clients that have questions should reach out to BullionMax. 

The Knowledge Base

The BullionMax website has a special section dedicated to providing users with adequate knowledge of how the precious metals company works. Customers visit this area on the site when they have questions about how to invest their precious metals and more. The knowledge base has four main sections: security, metal fundamentals, investing fundamentals, and precious metals mining. 

BullionMax Review

BullionMax Products

BullionMax is a precious metals company that does a fantastic job of maintaining high availability for all precious metals for sale. They also ensure customers have a safe, reliable, and convenient process of investing in their precious metals.

BullionMax relates to the coins, bars, and other products that are in high demand. Their products are listed below.   


BullionMax offers a wide selection of gold coins, bullion, proofs, and bars for their customers to invest in, and some of them are listed below. 

❐ Coins

  • ¼ Oz Australian Striped Marlin Gold Coin
  • ¼ Oz Canadian Wolverine Gold Coin
  • ¼ Oz Canadian Twin Maple Leaf Coin
  • ¼ Oz Canadian Wild Horse Gold Coin
  • 1 Oz American Eagle Gold Coin
  • ⅓ Oz Gold Australian Bottlenose Dolphin Coin

❐ Bars

  • 50-gram Gold Valcambi CombiBar
  • 1 Oz Perth Mint Gold Bar
  • 1 gram Perth Mint Gold Bar
  • 10 gram Valcambi LBMA Approved Carded Gold Bar


BullionMax also offers their investors silver coins, bars, rounds, proofs, and gold. Some of them are written below. 

❐ Coins

  • 2 Oz Silver Canadian Twin Maple Leaf Silver Coin
  • 1 Oz Silver Chinese Panda Coin
  • 1 Oz American Eagle Silver Coin
  • 2021 5 Oz Silver America the Beautiful Tuskegee Airmen Coin
  • 2016 2 Oz British Silver Queens Beasts Lion Coin
  • 1.5 Oz Silver Australian Bottlenose Dolphin Coin
  • 1 Oz Silver Australian Kangaroo Coin
  • 1 Oz British Silver Britannia Coin

❐ Rounds

  • 1 Oz Silver Round (various mints)
  • 1 Oz Silver Round Buffalo

❐ Bars

  • 100 Oz Silver Bar (various mints)
  • 1 Oz Silver Bar (various mints)
  • 100-gram Silver Valcambi CombiBar
  • 10 Oz Silver Bar (various mints)

Shipping Fees

BullionMax offers affordable shipping fees to their customers. Every placed order above $199 will enjoy the benefits of free shipping. But orders less than $199 will have a shipping fee of $9.99 attached. 

BullionMax Review

Types of Bullion

Bullion Rounds 

Bullion rounds do not have a face value or denomination attached to them, so they are not considered official legal tender. This feature makes it easy for them to be produced legally by third parties. Private companies can manufacture Bullion rounds making for an increase in their supply – they are usually easier to own because of this. 

They can also be designed in any manner and will not break copyright laws during the process. Bullion rounds are usually less costly than coins, making them more affordable for investors. 

Bullion Coins

Bullion coins are usually used to store wealth or value, not as a daily commerce form. They are created from many precious metals and produced by different kinds of official mints worldwide, including the United States Mint and the South African Mint. 

Bullion coins are very unique and so they can only be manufactured by official national mints unlike Bullion Rounds which can be produced by third parties. 

Bullion Bars

Bullion bars are usually confused with ingots but there is a difference as one of them is a piece of metal that can be cut and designed into a rectangular shape. Bullion bars are sometimes manufactured by third-party companies and other times by state-owned mints. Because of this, they tend to have different company logos on them. 

Bullion bars unfortunately do not have the backing of any government which means that they also do not have any legal tender attached. 

BullionMax Reviews and Rankings 

BullionMax has favorable reviews from top internet review sites to prove that the precious metals company is not a scam for people who may think otherwise. Unfortunately, they were not many customer reviews to go by as the reviews looked okay but this is understandable as Bullionmax is a new company that was established in 2020. So, the company is most likely still trying to build a good reputation with their customers. 

There were no BullionMax reviews on TrustLink but one review on Trustpilot (3.7/5). There were ratings from Business Consumer Alliance (An A rating) and BBB – Better Business Bureau (an A- rating) but they were not based on customer reviews. So with this, we can say that BullionMax lacks reviews. It is not advisable to use the company’s non-existent reviews to judge their competence. 

Pros & Cons of BullionMax


  • Website Usability

The BullionMax website is extremely easy to use and navigate making it easy for customers to have seamless transactions on the site. All the sections on the website are clearly listed and the site is very responsive so one can access it from both their mobile device and desktop. The images on the site are big enough making them very visible and they all have alt text for additional accessibility. 

Also, the text sizes on the BullionMax website are large and there is a huge difference between the dark blue texts on the white backgrounds. The links are colored orange which makes them easily identifiable. Lastly, the company’s website has an e-commerce function which is easy to use with features such as live pricing throughout the store. 

  • Cheap and Discounted Prices: prices listed on the BullionMax website have a 4% discount for individuals who make payments by bank wire or cheque.
  • Free Shipping Available: another advantage of using BullionMax is that users get to enjoy free shipping on orders that are above $199. But orders that are more than that will have a shipping fee of $9.95 which is quite affordable.

Other advantages of BullionMax include:

  • Customers can sell their bars and coins to BullionMax. The process is a seamless and easy one. 
  • BullionMax offers competitive pricing on their products.
  • The knowledge base aspect on the website provides all the necessary information that clients need to know about investing their precious metals with the company. This is advantageous especially for new investors who know nothing about investing in precious metals.


There are some disadvantages of working with BullionMax and they are listed below.

  • BullionMax was established in 2020 making it a new company. Some people may consider it as a disadvantage.
  • BullionMax does not have many reviews online because it is a new company.
  • BullionMax has limited payment options – the company does not accept money orders, cash, cryptocurrencies and pre-paid credit cards.


BullionMax has a lot of advantages and mouth-watering features especially for a new company that was established about four years ago. What this precious metals company lacks is the trust that other precious metals companies that have been around for decades have built and this is very much understandable. 

Other than that, BullionMax is a solid company for your investments but it might be advisable to choose another precious metals company that has been around for a long time to make your investments. This way, you can rest assured that your properties are safe. 

If you're interested in investing in precious metals to protect your portfolio, it's better to work with a company that cares about doing the best thing for your wealth.

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