Bullion Shark Review

Bullion Shark Review

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When it comes to choosing a company that you can trust with your finances and savings, it can be quite a difficult process. This is because choosing the right one that aligns with your financial goals can be challenging. Also, there are a lot of companies out there that offer different services and advantages, with Bullion Shark being one of them. Is this company worth it and reliable enough to protect your hard-earned savings? 

Bullion Shark was established in 2014 with a small but dedicated team of professionals and has since become one of the leading precious metals companies in the United States. The company deals with a wide variety of products, including numismatic coins and rare coins. They have gained customers' attention in the precious metals industry due to their different promotions, like free shipping and their wide selection of products. Bullion Shark claims to not be your average bullion dealer due to their high level of commitment. 

In this review, we will explain all you need to know about Bullion Shark, including its pros and cons and the products and services they offer. 

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Bullion Shark Review

What is Bullion Shark?

This family-owned business was established in 2014 and has since been committed to providing its customers with an avenue to satisfy their investment needs. It does not matter what you are interested in – rare coins, currency or bullion – Bullion Shark has you covered as they specialize in selling rare coins, numismatic coins and other precious metals. This precious metals company has slowly grown into one of the top companies in the US since its establishment. 

The company claims they trade everything a client could be looking for – from simple gold to rare coins. They also offer personal services apart from the regular product trading clients are used to, which sets them above other precious metals companies. 

Bullion Shark has an eBay store, a website that is fully functional and a retail outlet which is advantageous for their customers. Clients working with Bullion Shark have nothing to worry about as the company provides specialist staff who are always available to solve their problems and cater to their needs. The specialist staff is knowledgeable to help in different areas, such as setting up a precious metals IRA or creating a coin portfolio. 

Bullion Shark Review

How Bullion Shark Works

As mentioned above, Bullion Shark has an eBay store and a fully-functional website, so clients can choose between both options to choose the product (s) of their choice. There is also a physical outlet for customers who are close enough and prefer to shop in person. Bullion Shark offers personal services, which makes them different from its competitors, such as shipwreck coins and collector sets. Also, they do not focus solely on pure bullion but on rare precious metals and collectibles.

The company believes that the collectible coins will one day be worth more than bullion coins which are quite risky when investing them. But they said that collectible coins have a high chance of growing over time, so we'd have to wait and see. Regarding precious metals IRAs, the collectible coins are not appropriate for self-directed IRAs, but Bullion Shark helps guide their clients throughout the IRA procedure to ensure a seamless process. 

Regarding their customer service, Bullion Shark has friendly and helpful staff that treats every customer with attention. If there are questions about their products, pricing or anything related to precious metals, they will be ready to help you. Bullion Shark provides a seamless and smooth process for every client, and if you choose to work with the company, all you need to do is create an account on their website with your password, e-mail address and username. 

Benefits of Opening An Account with Bullion Shark

Once you have opened an account with Bullion Shark, the best way to buy coins with the company you get to enjoy certain benefits that make working with the company smooth. These benefits are explained below: 

  • Track Your Orders: when you open an account, you will be able to track your coins on their way in real time, which is an essential feature. 
  • Faster Checkout: another benefit of opening an account is a faster checkout process – this way, investors will quickly receive their purchased coins. 
  • Wish List: having an account enables you to create a wishlist of your favourite items, which you can refer to easily when you are ready to purchase. 
  • Many Shipping Addresses: Bullion Shark enables their clients put several addresses on their files when they open an account for their convenience.
  • Access to Your Order History: customers will be able to track their order history to see the coins they have previously bought with an account. 
Bullion Shark Review

Bullion Shark Products and Services

Bullion Shark has a wide range of products and services that clients need to diversify their portfolios. With this precious metals company, you will always have options to choose from. 


  • Bullion Bars and Coins: Bullion Shark offers a variety of bullion bars (this includes copper, gold, and silver bars) and coins (this includes coins that are in bullion but made from different metals). 
  • Classic Rare Coins: the company has different products in this category: precious metal artefacts and rare ancient coins. Examples include Quarters, Two Cent Pieces, Half Cents, Half Dollars and more. 
  • Ancient and Shipwreck Coins: Bullion Shark has got you covered if you are looking for more unique coin options. They have an ancient and shipwreck category which includes products like Greek coins, Roman Coins and Biblical Coins. 
  • Modern Rare Coins: there are many coins to choose from in this coin collection (coins from the 20th century and above), including Gold Buffalo Coins, Silver Eagles and 2022 Palladium Eagles. 
  • Metals: this category includes precious metals like copper, platinum, silver and gold. 


  • Gold and Silver IRA: Bullion Shark can only assist its customers in setting up precious metals and organizing their IRAs as it only offers a few gold IRA products. Experienced and trained specialists are available to help throughout the entire process and solve any problems.
  • Ordering of Precious Metals Online: one of the significant reasons why Bullion Shark is a thriving precious metals company is that online transactions with them are safe and secure. They also provide excellent customer service and fair pricing on all their products. Their website is fully functional and user-friendly, with a catalogue containing a wide range of their products.

    Bullion Shark's payment procedure is straightforward if you decide to buy precious metals for them. Customers enjoy free shipping if their order is over $99. Lastly, for their Android app, there is a free download option where you can keep up with their bullion auctions.
  • Free Appraisals: Bullion Shark gives free appraisals of their products, including bullion bars, gold coins, and silver coins. For customers who have pre-owned metals, the company can still offer appraisals regardless of how much they cost or where you bought them from. According to the customer reviews online, this feature is one of their best services.
Bullion Shark Review

Customer Reviews and Ratings

Bullion Shark's customer reviews, and ratings are one way to prove that it is a legit company for those who might think it is a scam because they deal in numismatic pieces. The company has a lot of positive reviews online, which proves that it is a reputable one. Customers have had good things to say about the company regarding their great services. 

Some customers said the shipping and delivery process was fast and easy. Some said that Bullion Shark is a reliable company to work with as they offer unique coins which are difficult to find anywhere else. There are also a lot of positive reviews on Facebook Business and many 5-star ratings. 

Although, the company got a few negative reviews about unresponsive customer service, and another customer complained about receiving a coin with a different weight than what the company’s website advertised. A customer also stated that they purchased 4 uncertified coins.

This precious metals company is a BBB Accredited Business with an A+ rating and 3.81 out of 5 stars on the BBB’s website. Make a small purchase with the company first before putting all your resources into it. But generally, the customer reviews are good enough. 

Features of Bullion Shark 

Bullion Shark has a lot of features and highlights of using the company. Firstly, they have staff members who are experts on numismatic coins to help customers when needed. If you have any problem that you need help with or questions regarding precious metals that need answers, you can engage the services of one of their experts. 

Another highlight is the Auction catalogue on the homepage of the company's website, which shows all of Bullion Shark’s upcoming auctions. Although, it is likely that the company will only have upcoming auctions as they run them until all the items are bought. Lastly, as mentioned above, Bullion Shark offers free shipping for orders above $99. 

Pros & Cons of Bullion Shark

Bullion Shark has a lot of advantages and disadvantages of working and investing with them. These pros and cons are outlined below.


  • A Wide Variety of Coin Options

Bullion Shark has a wide selection of coins for customers to choose from, which is advantageous for investors who want to diversify their portfolios. Whether you are looking for rare or classic coin options or coins to add to your precious metals IRA, Bullion Shark has everything. 

Some customers even stated in their reviews that the company has a list of unique coins which are difficult to find anywhere else. 

  • Clearly Stated Pricing

Unlike most precious metals companies, Bullion Shark has the prices of their products clearly stated on their website, making it easy for customers to make purchases. This is an advantage as there is no need to call a customer care representative for the current pricing information. Simply go through the inventory page and take a look at the prices. 

  • A Good Return and Exchange Policy

Many coin dealers and precious metal companies tend to offer a not-so-desirable exchange and return policy, but Bullion Shark has a standard one. This is an advantage because it gives customers confidence and allows them to rest assured when purchasing coins on the company’s website. 

  • There are Many Benefits to Opening an Account

One of Bullion Shark's top advantages is that customers enjoy several benefits when they open an account with the company (which are explained above). You get to track your orders easily from your comfort zone, save multiple addresses for delivery and more. 

Other advantages of working with Bullion Sharks include the following:

  • Customers get a full refund if they receive their products in poor condition. 
  • Bullion Sharks offers free appraisals for pre-owned precious metals. 
  • The company has a high rating on BBB and is an accredited BBB business.


  • Questionable Reviews Online

Bullion Shark has a lot of positive reviews online, but their negative reviews are something one should pay attention to. Some customers have had complaints about not receiving what was advertised on the company’s website. Which states that the company is not explicit about the products they advertise on their website. 

Also, there were a couple of complaints from customers who claimed they were unsuccessful when they tried to get a refund for their products which arrived in poor condition. 

Final Thoughts 

Bullion Shark is a precious metals company that is worth it, especially for investors looking for a wide range of precious metals and unique coins. From the review above, this company provides coins that are difficult to find elsewhere, showing how resourceful their team is. Whether you need coins for your precious metal IRA or are a coin collector, finding what you need will not be complicated. 

Unfortunately, the company has some negative reviews that cannot go unnoticed, even with all the benefits they offer. So, starting with a small purchase and amount is advisable first to test the waters.  

If you're interested in investing in precious metals to protect your portfolio, it's better to work with a company that cares about doing the best thing for your wealth.

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