Boston Bullion Review

Boston Bullion Review

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There are many precious metals dealers out there, ranging from top-notch ones to scams, so it won't be easy when choosing the one that is perfect for you. It is always essential to examine each company's services and products to ensure that they align with your financial goals and capacity. Boston Bullion is one of the precious metal companies that offer different services and products but is this company legitimate and the perfect fit for you? 

Boston Bullion is a precious metals company based in New England that deals with different precious metals, including silver, gold, platinum, and palladium. This Cambridge-based company is a highly respected and well-known one with a storefront that serves clients in Massachusetts and the surrounding areas. There is also an online store for clients who live far away from the storefront. Boston Bullion has been in the precious metals business for a long time, and this reputable company is known for providing excellent customer service and top-notch products to its clients. 

Boston Bullion provides excellent services, and their customers have had only positive things to say about their experiences. Even with that, it is still important to look at the company's products and services and see what sets it apart from its competitors. This review outlines all you need to know about Boston Bullion, which will help you conclude whether it is the right choice. 

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Boston Bullion Review

What is Boston Bullion? 

As mentioned above, Boston Bullion is a highly respected and well-known Cambridge-based precious metals company that deals in a wide selection of products, including gold and silver. The company has been able to build a solid reputation in the precious metals industry for their excellent customer service and the high-quality products they offer. Clients that have worked with Boston Bullion have only had positive things to say about the owner and founder of the company that manages the business. 

Boston Bullion has a store outlet in Massachusetts and its surrounding areas and an online website for clients who stay far away but still want to work for the company. The website outlines all the bullion and coins available to buy. It also shows the prices of these products, which are updated every day based on their fluctuating market value. This makes it easy for clients who want to purchase products as they can easily compare the prices to that of competitors and their melt value. 

Some other companies require that you call a representative before you get to know the price of their products, and this is one of the things that sets Boston Bullion apart from them. The pricing of the company's products is quite reasonable, and customers are more likely to see their investments grow over time since there is no large commission. This company is perfect for clients who want to invest in different precious metals, as they offer more than just gold and silver. 

Boston Bullion was established in 2006, which means they have been in business for over 15 years and have since been delivering high-quality and top-notch products to their customers. The company is a member of different reputable organizations like the Better Business Bureau (one of the few precious metals companies accredited by the BBB) and the American Numismatic Association. The latter association is dedicated to studying medals, coins, currency, tokens, and every other related object (from different cultures) throughout history up until now. 

Boston Bullion offers a wide range of products and different services to its customers, like shipping and storage. Clients can access free shipping when purchasing orders above $99, which is advantageous. The company also provides payment methods for purchasing precious metals, including bank wire transfers, PayPal, and credit cards. Boston Bullion is undoubtedly a precious metals company you want to take advantage of. 

Boston Bullion Review

Boston Bullion Products 

As stated above, Boston Bullion offers different products that their customers can purchase, and they are listed below. 


  • Canadian Cougar 1-ounce coin
  • 1 kilo gold bars
  • 250-gram gold bars
  • Britannia Oriental Border 1-ounce bullion coin
  • Canadian Wolf 1-ounce coin
  • 1-ounce Valcambi gold bars
  • Perth Mint 1-ounce gold bars


  • Don’t Tread On Me 1-ounce coin
  • Patriot Silver 100-ounce bar
  • Silver Grizzly 1-ounce coin
  • Patriot Silver kilo bar
  • Silver Eagle 1-ounce coin
  • 1-ounce silver bar


  • Maple 1-ounce coin
  • PAMP bar 1 ounce
  • PAMP bar 10 ounces


  • Eagle 1-ounce coin
  • Platinum Bar 1 ounce
  • Maple 1-ounce coin
Boston Bullion Review

Buying Precious Metals Online

Once you have chosen the precious metals you want to purchase on the Boston Bullion website, you can put them together using an online shopping cart. Unfortunately, you will have to call a representative during business hours to place your order, as the company's website does not have an e-commerce platform. The shopping cart serves as a shopping list until you call the company to lock in your order. 

Once you have spoken to a representative and placed your order, the total price is locked, and there will be no increase whatsoever, even if the prices of the precious metals you have purchased rise. This theory also works vice versa – the total price of your order remains locked in even if the prices of the precious metals you have purchased come down. As stated above, clients can make their payments through different payment methods. 

Although, Boston Bullion does not allow credit cards for checkout processes. Clients that pay through physical checks have to mail their payment to the company within a day of placing the order, and the postmark date has to be in the 2 days following their order confirmation. Customers that order up to five ounces of gold get free shipping, but anything less than that will incur a shipping fee of $19.95. This rate is higher than what other precious metals companies charge. 

Clients paying for their orders using any type of check will have to wait at least ten business days before receiving their precious metals. The company holds on to those metals until the necessary period has elapsed. This is why it is better to pay using a bank transfer, as clients get their orders delivered within two days of payment confirmation, as it is the easiest way to pay.  

Every box delivered by Boston Bullion comes with full product insurance, so clients must sign before receiving them. So, it is advisable to place orders when you know you will be available to sign. If you do not, the post office will have your package redelivered to you later.

Boston Bullion Review

Selling Your Precious Metals to Boston Bullion

If you own any precious metals listed on the Boston Bullion website and are willing to sell them to the company, you can. It does not matter whether you purchased those metals from Boston Bullion, as the company is always willing to buy precious metals from individuals, estates, and companies. The company accepts different payment methods for this purpose, including checks and cash, and offers free shipping for orders above $99. 

Boston Bullion only accepts coins that meet the company's grading quality standards and are in their original packaging. The company will not accept anything other than this. The website shows an explicit formula of how the company determines their client's quote, and most of the buy prices are usually 3 percent lower than Boston Bullion’s product prices. 

The process of selling your precious metals to Boston Bullion is straightforward; if you are interested, call the company's phone number or email them. They will then give you a quote based on the precious metal (the one you want to sell) current market value. Customers are expected to fill and submit a seller's kit, after which the company will contact them to schedule an appointment. 

The scheduled appointment usually entails the team evaluating the precious metals you want to sell. They will offer you a price based on the present market value, and if you accept this price, you will be paid through wire transfer or in cash.   

Boston Bullion Review

Boston Bullion Precious Metals IRA 

Clients can create a precious metals IRA with Boston Bullion, as they allow them to invest in different precious metals like palladium, gold, silver, and platinum. Setting up an account is easy – the first thing you need to do is to call their toll-free number to get started. Boston Bullion offers full-service and self-directed options so clients can then choose a custodian for their account. 

Once they have done that, they have to fund the precious metals IRA, and they can do this through different funding methods like credit cards, cash, bank wire transfers, and checks. This is the last step, and once you are done, you can start investing in the precious metals of your choice. 

Boston Bullion General Setup and Policies

One major advantage of working with Boston Bullion is the company’s clearly stated prices. The company is transparent when it comes to pricing information, and there are no additional shipping or brokerage fees. All that you see as the price quote when you first lock in the sale is a combination of all the fees. 

Clients that buy bullion outside of Massachusetts do not need to worry about paying taxes, and clients in Massachusetts get a waived sales tax if their order is higher than $1,000. Clients do not need to worry about the wire transfers or checks being reported to the government as there are requirements for this. 

Boston Bullion has a no-return policy, and they only specialize in bullion, no collectibles or numismatic options. The company does state, for clients who want a return, that they will solve the problems of any issues provided they are reported within three days following the time they receive their orders. 

Boston Bullion has an inventory for clients who order a small number of coins – the clients likely receive their metals from the company's inventory. But, when clients have bulk orders for large amounts of metals, Boston Bullion secures orders from any of their distributors. This way, clients get discounted rates for their coins due to the company’s wholesale accounts. Also, clients are sure to always receive newly minted coins from the current year of purchase when they buy gold coins with Boston Bullion. 

Lastly, Boston Bullion ensures that all their product prices are competitive for their clients. They analyze the price of every bar and coin that is up for sale and the global market value of these coins and bars. 

Boston Bullion Review

Boston Bullion Reviews and Ratings 

Whenever you want to work with a new company, go through their online ratings and reviews to see what their customers say about them. Boston Bullion has positive reviews on different platforms and positive remarks from customers who have worked with the company. 

Some customers say that the precious metals company offers free shipping and low prices for their products. Others mention they provide excellent customer service, while others say the company is a great platform to purchase silver and gold. Boston Bullion does have a few negative reviews, but this is normal for a company that has been around for a while.

On the Better Business Bureau, the company has an A+ rating and has been accredited since 2014. There is only one negative review on the site about late shipping, which the company resolved. The company also has 4 out of 5 stars on Yelp, with different reviews praising the company’s low prices and customer service. 

Pros & Cons of Boston Bullion

Let us look at the disadvantages and advantages of working with this precious metals company.


  • The company has a lot of good reviews and ratings online.
  • It is a BBB-accredited business with an A+ rating on the website.
  • Boston Bullion offers its clients a money-back guarantee if they are unsatisfied with their orders.
  • The prices of their products are clearly stated on the website and updated daily based on the global market value.
  • The company ships out orders within one business day.


  • The company does not have a user-friendly website compared to its competitors.
  • The company does not offer storage insurance.

Final Thoughts 

Boston Bullion is a precious metals company with a solid reputation and good ratings and reviews online. The company offers promotions and services like free shipping and multiple payment methods. Their customers can choose to do their business online or visit the physical store in Massachusetts, and there are many product options to choose from. '

Boston Bullion has a few disadvantages but makes up for these areas by providing great services and low prices. Lastly, it is a legitimate precious metals company. 

If you're interested in investing in precious metals to protect your portfolio, it's better to work with a company that cares about doing the best thing for your wealth.

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