Birch Gold Group vs Noble Gold

Birch Gold Group vs Noble Gold

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Birch Gold Group and Noble Group are two popular gold IRA companies that have received positive customer feedback and have been endorsed by different celebrities and major names in the financial world. More and more people are investing in gold, especially in preparation for their retirement, which is why these companies are famous.

Gold investment companies help people select approved precious metals products and open self-directed IRAs, but it will be hard to choose the right one to get started with. In this guide, we compare Birch Gold Group and Noble Gold so you can make your pick. Let’s take a closer look. 

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Birch Gold Group vs Noble Gold

Birch Gold Group was founded in 2003, so it has about 20 years of experience, which is evident in the services that it offers. It is based in California and can ship precious metals to any place in the United States of America. The company consists of different finance and precious metals experts that work one-on-one with customers.

Birch Gold Group was endorsed by Ben Shapiro, who is a well-known commentator. There are also a lot of educational tools provided by the company to their prospective customers. It specializes in helping clients convert their existing IRA and 401(k) plans into physical metals like gold, silver, palladium, and platinum. 


  • High customer ratings and positive reviews online. 
  • Partners with reputable depositories for storage services.
  • Personalized services with experts who review and manage your account. 
  • Allows you to diversify your portfolio. 
  • Transfers over $50,000 don’t require any fees in the first year. 
  • Offers many educational resources to its clients. 


  • The minimum purchase amount is $10,000.
  • There might be some hidden fees.
Birch Gold Group vs Noble Gold

Noble Gold was founded by Collin Plume, who had a background in real estate. After the 2008 market crash, he realized the importance of precious metals and founded his company. Noble Gold provides different precious metals products and focuses on connecting clients with the ones that are ideal for them. 

They also provide survival packs which are packs of bullion that you can liquidate whenever you need cash urgently. Noble Gold requires a very low minimum investment amount which makes it easy for customers on a tight budget to get started. The company also holds an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and has received mostly positive reviews.


  • Low minimum investment of $2,000. 
  • Quick sign-up process that takes up to five minutes.
  • Provides asset protection with the secure gold depository.
  • Includes free educational materials that investors can use.
  • Provides rare coins and survival packs.
  • It has mostly positive client reviews.


  • There is no international shipping.
  • It’s difficult to understand the fees before signing up. 
Birch Gold Group vs Noble Gold

Comparison of Birch Gold Group and Noble Gold 

If you’re trying to decide between Birch Gold Group and Noble Group, you need to compare them based on their different factors. In this section, we will compare both companies based on the services they offer, the fees you need to pay, how you can sign up, and the storage facilities you can take advantage of. 

How to Get Started 

Both Birch Gold Group and Noble Gold make it easy to get started if you want to open and manage a self-directed IRA. When working with Birch, you will be assigned a company representative or specialist who will help you with the custodian application and determining the precious metals for you. They will consider your budget and investment goals before recommending the ideal products for you.

Birch Gold also offers IRAs, and its products will meet all the IRS regulations on purity. Once you confirm your order, the company will communicate directly with your custodian to transfer the funds. Then, they will mail the package to their depository. The company will place the gold and other precious metals in the vault and maintain your account. The specialist will be available to answer questions on future purchases and current economic events. 

On the other hand, Noble Gold is also very straightforward to work with. You can start working with them even before talking to their representative physically. This is because it offers an online platform where you can create an account with your required information. Within about 48 hours, one of their representatives will contact you to discuss the paperwork and determine your goals. 

The representative will also prepare a plan for your future investments in precious metals. You can choose the depository that you want to save in among the options offered by Noble Gold, and they will mail your precious metals to that depository. The company will take care of everything and discuss with you constantly about adding precious metals to your account and managing your holdings. 

Investment Services Offered 

Both companies allow you to open precious metals IRAs and also invest in physical gold and silver. With Noble Gold, you can buy gold using the funds in your retirement account or roll over to an IRA. The experts will help you choose the precious metals that you want to buy and send them to the depository of your choice. 

Noble Gold also has a product called Royal Survival Packs. These are packs that are put together by hand, consisting of precious metals that can be easily liquidated and will be worth the amount you paid or more as time goes on. If you want to invest in precious metals in a small way, you can purchase these packs and keep them at home. Then, easily sell them for cash during economic downturns as the value of gold and other metals will increase. 

Birch Gold Group also provides IRAs, and this is their main product. You can roll over funds into an IRA that is managed by Birch Gold. The company will assign you a single representative who will manage your account and help with future investments. Aside from IRAs, you can also purchase physical gold and silver from the company.

Platinum and palladium investment products are also available at Birch Gold, although they are more limited and expensive to purchase. It also allows you to sell your precious metals back to the company for a good price. This is a benefit since it is hard to liquidate some precious metals investments. 

Involved Fees 

There are different kinds of fees that you can expect when working with any gold IRA company. You need to pay a minimum amount to start investing and consider fees for storage, paperwork, maintenance, and other costs. While both companies are clear with the fees they require, it’s best to contact them by phone first because there might be some hidden fees. 

Birch Gold has a minimum investment amount of $10,000, which is pretty low compared to most companies out there, but still higher than what is offered by Noble Gold. But, if you invest up to $50,000 for the first time, they will waive all the fees for the first year, which includes the cost of storage and maintenance. 

With $180 for the storage and maintenance, $50 for the IRA paperwork, and the $30 wire transfer fee, you can save money by avoiding the fees. The good part about working with the company is the flat fees. You don’t have to pay more on your fees even as you accumulate more wealth, so your annual expenses will be about $180.

Noble Gold lists out all the costs and expectations for prospective customers on its website. You can also contact them to get a quote for the product pricing and calculate the annual costs. The storage costs go between $80 and $150, but it depends on the depository that you use. 

You can choose between segregated and non-segregated vaults, and the former is more expensive because you won’t store your gold with any other person. Non-segregated vaults are cheaper but still fully insured and go through consistent audits, so the risk is not high. You will also pay $80 for maintenance. 

The minimum investment amount for Noble Gold is $5,000 if you want to open an IRA. But, if you are just buying physical gold or other precious metals with cash, you don’t need to meet the minimum amount. You can contact the company, and they will recommend how much you should invest with cash.

Storage Facilities  

Birch Gold Group and Noble Gold don’t have their own depositories, but they partner with certain facilities that provide storage services. If you work with Noble Gold, you will be able to store your gold in the Delaware Depository in Delaware and other spots in Texas with the International Depository Services. 

Texas and Delaware have specific laws and protections when it comes to precious metals. There is no sales tax placed on the storage or sale of precious metals in these states, so it would be cheap to buy and ship your precious metals in these states than in your home state. This is because you don’t have to pay taxes.

As Noble Gold offers segregated and non-segregated storage, you need to consider which one is ideal for your needs. If you save in Texas, you only get segregated vaults, but for the Delaware options, you need to pick between non-segregated and segregated vaults. 

Birch Gold can ship your package to any depository in the world as long as it is licensed and accredited. They partner with Brinks Global Service, which is in California, New York, and Utah, and the Delaware Depository, located in Nevada and Delaware. There are also hundreds of Brink depositories found in the US and around the world. 

Brinks are a much safer option to use because they protect your precious metals with an armored truck. But, even if your package is not sent through Brinks, you will still receive full insurance. Birch Gold also works with International Depository Services sometimes if you are not pleased with the other options. 

Which Should You Invest With? 

Both Birch Gold Group and Noble Gold are famous companies with strong reputations, and they have been highly rated by their past clients and the Better Business Bureau. When comparing their customer service, you will see that they also offer top-notch support. Whether you want to roll over a 401(k), buy physical gold and silver, or open a gold IRA, you can do so with the two companies.

Objectively, Noble Gold is a better option since they are more transparent with its fees and IRA services and offer a wide range of depository options. Their Royal Survival Packs are also a good plus. Birch Gold Group is also a top choice, as they offer quality customer service and international shipping. They also come with personalized services and will waive all your fees for the first year if you start with $50,000. 

Birch Gold Group vs Noble Gold

Alternative Precious Metals Investment Companies 

If you’re unsure about using either Birch Gold Group or Noble Gold, you should consider some alternatives. Here are three recommended companies that you can take an interest in.


Augusta Precious Metals is a highly-rated company that allows its customers to purchase physical precious metals or open a gold IRA. The minimum investment amount is $50,000, which is pretty high, but they provide enough education to their customers. Once you sign up, they assign a dedicated agent to help you with the process.

#2. Goldco


Goldco is another good alternative that offers only positive reviews online. You can also invest in gold IRAs or purchase physical gold. The company offers flat fees, which means that you don’t spend more even when your investment accumulates. This makes it cheaper than other options.

American Hartford Gold offers a very low minimum investment threshold, and you can even get started with $5,000. When you work with this company, you get free storage and insurance for up to three years if you open or roll over your gold IRA. You cannot invest in platinum and palladium.

Final Thoughts

If you’re choosing between Birch Gold Group and Noble Gold, you should consider your preferences and needs. The good news is that both companies are highly rated and operate with a high level of integrity. They also have good customer satisfaction and are straightforward to work with. Birch Gold offers fantastic customer service and international shipping, while Noble Gold offers multiple depository options and unique Royal Survival Packs. You can contact both companies directly to make your choice.