AUSecure Review

AUSecure Review

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You may be considering investing in different precious metals like gold and silver and adding these precious metals to an IRA to diversify your assets. This is a very smart move that most investors make in order to protect their financial value and assets. The economy could crash at any time, and investing in precious metals is a great way to protect against inflation and stock market volatility. If you have chosen AUSecure as the company to invest with, it is essential that you know all about the company – the features they offer and their disadvantages and advantages. 

AUSecure is another precious metals company out there, which was established in 2009 and has become a world-class company since then. The company is known for its unique approach regarding its different precious metals. AUSecure ensures that they provide different precious metals for their clients while placing a lot of importance on innovation, technology, and trade. The company ensures that everything they do is done with excellence in order to give their clients the utmost satisfaction. 

Choosing AUSecure as the company you want to invest with means that you are trusting your financial assets in their hands. This is a bold financial move, so it is important to ensure you know all you need to know before making that final step. In this guide, you will learn all you need to know about AUSecure and whether they fit your investment goals. 

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AUSecure Review

What is AUSecure? 

As mentioned above, AUSecure and its team ensure they render their services with precision and excellence to ensure their clients are highly satisfied. They run all of their operations on a well-designed interface, making the purchase and selling of precious metals seamless. Since this company was established in 2009, the team is knowledgeable about the precious metals industry, which is always an advantage to consider.

This online precious metals company aims to provide a secure platform and different services for clients who want to invest in precious metals like silver and gold. The company has also adopted new technologies in order to make the process of selling or buying precious metals an easy one for people all over the globe. AUSecure has earned the trust of different investors all around the world by offering world-class and high-quality precious metals due to the new technologies it has adopted.  

The company's website is designed in a way that expresses its three core values:

  • Secure a plan
  • Secure wealth and
  • Secure the future.

These three core values guide AUSecure and the different decisions they make when working with its customers. The company has worked hard to build a brand that expresses these values, which is shown in how it deals with clients. They aim to ensure clients achieve the three core values mentioned above once they start working with them. This is important for their clients as it helps them focus on securing wealth and the future. 

AUSecure has also made it its mission to educate the masses in order to raise the bar of excellence to a high level. The company provides the necessary information, education, and resources about precious metals to every client to help them make informed decisions while investing. They have achieved this through the help of trained professionals and top-notch resources. 

Once you sign up for a free account on AUSecure, you can start investing in different precious metals and see how they buy them. Through this company, you will see the beauty of investing the right way and how precious metals are handled when you do so. 

AUSecure Review

Opening a Precious Metals IRA with AUSecure

A precious metals IRA is a retirement account that is majorly focused on a particular precious metal, including a gold IRA. This account can hold different types of metals, including bullion, coins, and bars, and it can also be self-directed. Clients who own a gold IRA can choose to invest in palladium, silver, or platinum within that account. 

It is compulsory for every investment that is done through a gold IRA to include physical metal investments. Opening a precious metals IRA with AUSecure is a simple process, and clients are sure to receive greater value. All you need to do is call a representative on the website and follow the steps. Then, your account will be set to go with a premier company. Clients can open a new IRA account or move their current funds from a different IRA to the newly-made one.

The company offers precious metals that are IRA qualified alongside a wide variety of other options to choose from. The invoice for the list of precious metals will be sent to your selected company, and the precious metals you have chosen will also be sent for them to be stored. Since clients cannot store their IRA-related precious metals themselves, a custodian will help do that on their behalf. They will ensure that their metals are stored the right way. 

AUSecure works with the IRA Company you have chosen to help you set up your individual retirement account (IRA) and store your precious metals in it. The team assists its client throughout the process of choosing a trusted custodian to create an IRA account. As stated above, clients can choose their preferred precious metals to add to their account once it is created and has been funded.

View the Real-Time Prices of your Precious Metals 

It is easy to see the real-time prices of your precious metals and see how the market is performing through the AUSecure website. On the bottom page is a bar that states 'Real-time,' and lingering over the bar with your cursor will show the current market price for platinum, gold, silver, and palladium. If you need more information, you can select any of the categories, and a chart will display the real-time prices. 

AUSecure Review

AUSecure Products 

AUSecure offers different premium products for its investors to choose from – it is highly unlikely that you will not find any valuable item of your choice.


Gold is one of the most sought-after precious metals by different investors as it has constantly withstood the test of time and is also straightforward to liquidate when one needs cash for their investments. AUSecure's website outlines categories of gold items like grade gold coins, gold bullion bars, IRA-approved gold, pre-1993 US gold, gold bullion, and collectible gold coins. 

On other parts of the company's website, like the homepage, there are other gold coins outlined that are not listed under the 'gold' category on the website, which can be confusing. These coins include products like the Canadian Maple Leaf and the American Gold Eagle Coin. 


Just like the different gold categories, the company's website also lists several categories for silver, such as graded silver coins, silver coins (like the Pre-1965 90% Silver Half Dollar), junk silver (like the $500 Junk Silver Bag pre-1965 and the $1,000 Junk Silver Bag pre-1965), silver bars and silver rounds. 

Although, when you click on some of the silver categories, nothing pops up, and just like gold, there are other silver coins outlined on the company's homepage, such as the Silver American Buffalo Coins and the Silver American Eagle Coins. 


AUSecure offers two platinum options for their investors, namely 1 Oz Platinum Australian Platypus Coin and the 1 Oz PAMP Suisse Platinum Bar. 

Selling Your Precious Metals to AUSecure

This precious metals company does not clearly state whether they buy precious metals from their clients, but since it outlines shipping instructions for mailing precious metals to them, we can assume that it is allowed. The best way to confirm if you are interested in selling precious metals to AUSecure will be to contact the company. 

AUSecure Review

General Shipping Info

After clients have purchased their precious metals, they are shipped with utmost care to their various destinations, whether it be your home or workplace. All the orders being shipped are fully insured by AUSecure during the process. According to the company’s website, the orders take about 3 to 5 business days to be delivered after the client places the order and the funds are verified. The orders are usually shipped through FedEx, the postal service, or UPS. 

AUSecure offers a free shipping promotion on orders above $10,000 for those who sign up. Every order less than this amount will be charged $20 for shipping. 

Shipping Precious Metals to AUSecure 

AUSecure allows clients to ship their precious metals to the company, and it is a seamless process. The precious metals being shipped should be packaged the proper way and can then be sent through the USPS Registered Mail to ensure everything goes smoothly. The company recommends having two boxes for the package being shipped – one outer and the inner box – which also includes several packing slips. 

The contents that will be packaged in the inner box be secured with newspapers, and the outer part of the inner box should be wrapped too. This is to ensure proper placement and that the items in the inner box will be secured during shipment. Then, ensure you place the inner box in the middle of the outer box and seal it up with packing tape. Seal the outer box with tape and place the packing slip on it. 

Ensure to put the address label on the outer part of the outer box – this should be AUSecure’s official address. Remember not to mention what is inside the box, as no one should know it. Note that packages like this are not insured, and one will have to confirm from AUSecure first if they want insurance. 

Features, Pros, and Cons of AUSecure


  • The company has three core values: securing a plan, wealth, and the future. The company aims for all its clients to achieve these three values.
  • AUSecure is not an IRA custodian but will help clients to set up a precious metals IRA by helping them choose an IRA custodian company.
  • The company offers gold, platinum, and silver for investors to choose from.
  • AUSecure ships their orders quickly, and clients get free shipping if their orders are worth $10,000 and above.
  • AUSecure aims to create new technologies that make buying and selling precious metals easier for individuals in the industry.


  • The company is a reputable company established in 2009 with an A+ rating from the BBB.
  • AUSecure has a user-friendly website.
  • The company offers free transit insurance for all orders.
  • AUSecure will guide investors through the process of creating a precious metals IRA.


  • The company lacks suitable reviews for one that has been around for over 10 years.
  • AUSecure is not an IRA custodian, so investors still have to look for an IRA custodian company.
  • The company only offers free shipping on orders above $10,000, which is not advantageous to some customers.

Is AUSecure a Scam?

AUSecure is not a scam. It is a legitimate precious metals business that has been around for a while and offers all the services stated on its website. Their website could be more information-filled, but it is credible and user-friendly. But what seems quite risky is that the company barely has any reviews online. After checking some online review sites, we discovered that AUSecure is only on the Better Business Bureau website with an A+ rating (it is also an accredited business). 

The company had no ratings or reviews on TrustLink, Business Consumer Alliance, and Trustpilot as of 2021, which is unsuitable for a company that has been around for quite some time. Also, the company's website shows a limited selection of bars and coins, with only a few options under these categories. The company website is user-friendly but quite disorganized, so new investors may have difficulty navigating their way around it. 

Final Thoughts 

AUSecure is a legitimate company with numerous advantages, but the disadvantages cannot be ignored. It is known to be a reliable option for buying and storing precious metals, but it is not an IRA custodian company, so clients will have to choose a separate company for that process. 

The company might not be a great choice for clients looking to invest in a wide range of options as it offers a limited selection of products. It is advisable to compare the features of this company to others on the list before making your decision. 

If you're interested in investing in precious metals to protect your portfolio, it's better to work with a company that cares about doing the best thing for your wealth.

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