American Hartford Gold vs Noble Gold Investments

American Hartford Gold vs Noble Gold Investments

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For you to have found this article means you are in the process of choosing a suitable precious metals company for your investments, which can be a difficult and tricky process. When choosing an investment company, you should focus on the one that suits your financial needs and goals, as there is a long list of companies offering different services. This list includes American Hartford Gold and Noble Gold Investments. 

American Hartford Gold is a reputable company known for its fantastic customer service. The company does not just have a team of precious metals specialists dedicated to their work. Still, they ensure they keep their clients informed by providing updated market insights and information. This helps both new and returning investors to make informed decisions. American Hartford Gold has fantastic reviews online and is regarded as a top gold IRA company.

Noble Gold Investments is a gold dealing company specializing in unique precious metals and gold Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs). The company has excellent reviews online, some of which stated that they are convenient to work with due to their outstanding customer service. This precious metals company has a wide variety of investment products to choose from – it is a newer company on the list but has managed to build a solid reputation and go up the ranks. 

This review provides all the information you need about American Hartford Gold and Noble Gold Investments to help you choose the right company for your investments. 

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American Hartford Gold vs Noble Gold Investments

From the explanation above, American Hartford Gold is a top precious metals company with excellent customer reviews. The company is regarded as one of the largest retailers of physical and high-quality silver and gold coins at competitive prices. Clients also have the opportunity to choose between storing their coins in a retirement account (TSPs, IRAs, or 401Ks) or getting them delivered to their doorstep. 

In addition to the advantages above, this precious metals company engages and educates its clients by providing them with the latest information and insights about the market, enabling them to make decisions that they will benefit from and align with their investment needs. Clients can create a gold Investment Retirement Account which will help to protect their finances from inevitable problems like inflation.

American Hartford Gold is the best precious metals company for new and returning investors who aim to protect their retirement funds. 

American Hartford Gold vs Noble Gold Investments

Noble Gold Investments is a new precious metals company. However, this has kept it from becoming a customer's favorite, as it has managed to go up the ranks and has gotten excellent customer reviews online. It is a customer-centered company, allowing it to rise above its competitors in the precious metals business. Noble Gold offers a wide variety of collectible and rare coins, Royal Survival Packs, and IRA-sanctioned palladium. 

The Royal Survival Pack is an innovative package that allows clients to access emergency gold in cases where there is a global or personal crisis. All these products and services are in addition to the usual silver and gold coins and bar the company offers. Noble Gold also specializes in gold IRAs, and it takes about five minutes to fill out an IRA set-up form with the company, which is quite advantageous. 

Lastly, Noble Gold is an affordable company that offers one of the lowest rates in the precious metals industry and is recommended for those who need financial security and want to invest in precious metals.  

American Hartford Gold vs Noble Gold Investments

American Hartford Gold Products and Services 

American Hartford Gold is a successful precious metals company that has shipped over 1.5 billion dollars worth of precious metals to clients with only good things to say. The company offers a buyback commitment service that gives customers the easy access they need to their funds whenever they want to. The educational service also allows clients to make informed decisions when investing. 

The precious metals company offers multiple promotions, such as free insured shipping – clients enjoy free shipping on orders delivered to their doorsteps. Alongside these promotions, there is also a list of incentives that customers get to enjoy. Regarding the company's products, clients can access various silver, gold, and platinum coins and bars. There is also the option of creating a gold IRA with the company to help protect the value of your funds and diversify your portfolio. 

The company's gold IRA not only protects financial value but also protects against inevitable problems like recession and inflation, thereby making the process of diversifying assets using valuable metals convenient. The company offers different silver coins, including the Silver Canadian Gyrfalcon and the Silver American Eagle, and gold coins, including the Gold American Buffalo and the Gold Canadian Buffalo. Customers have to contact a representative from the company’s website for information on product pricing. 

American Hartford Gold vs Noble Gold Investments

Noble Gold Investments Products and Services 

Noble Gold offers its clients a wide range of products and services–they can buy any readily-available precious metal of their choice and have it delivered to their homes. For self-directed IRAs, clients have to buy precious metals that the IRS approves. Noble Gold allows you to choose from rare coins or gold and silver IRA options. 

It is one of the few companies that gives clients access to IRA-eligible silver, gold, palladium, and platinum bars and coins. The Royal Survival Packs service also provides customers with emergency gold that they have previously bought in cases of emergency. Noble Gold offers two different levels of services, namely:

  • Noble Fortress: this option stores the client’s kit in a highly secured and fully guarded depository. There are two – one in Canada and one in the US. 
  • Noble Express: This option ships the client's kit to their doorstep within five days of buying it.

Clients can choose the service that suits them from the seven Royal Survival Packs the company offers. The different products Noble Gold offers include gold and silver IRAs (the former allows you to store gold and other precious metals in an IRA account, and the latter has the same function as a gold IRA while allowing clients to invest in another precious metal) and rare coins and collectibles which the PCGS or the NGC grades. 

The company also offers many precious metals investment products, including gold (American Gold Eagle, Canadian Gold Maple Leaf, Australian Gold Kangaroo, and others) and silver (American Silver Eagle 1 Oz, Australian Silver Coin 1 kg, American Silver Eagle Proof 1 Oz, and others). 

There are also IRA-approved palladium (Canadian Palladium Maple Leaf Coin 1 Oz and Credit Suisse Palladium Bar 1 Oz) and platinum (American Platinum Eagle Coins and others) coins in different weights and sizes. 

American Hartford Gold and Noble Gold Investments Fees and Commissions 

American Hartford Gold Fees and Commissions

American Hartford Gold offers low prices for its different products alongside mouth-watering incentives, which make working and investing with the company worthwhile. Unfortunately, clients cannot find the company’s pricing catalog but only the available products on their website. To have access to current pricing information, one will need to contact an American Hartford Gold representative and discuss with them. 

To open a gold IRA with the company, there is a minimum requirement fee of $10,000 and a minimum requirement fee of $5,000 for cash purchases. The company's mouth-watering incentives include waiving three years of IRA fees for 100k-above purchases and waiving first-year IRA fees for 50k-above purchases. Also, for qualifying purchases, the company offers up to 10,000 dollars worth of free silver. 

Noble Gold Investments Fees 

Unlike American Hartford Gold, Noble Gold provides a transparent list of product prices without hidden charges. As stated above, the company is quite affordable as they offer one of the lowest rates in the industry, which does not only apply to investment fees but also account operation fees. There is an annual set-up fee of $80 for gold IRAs – a $30 wire fee and $50 set-up fee – and an annual storage fee (Texas or Delaware) of $150. 

Silver IRAs have an annual fee of $225 and an annual storage fee for Texas of $250. The company’s Royal Survival Packs range from $10,000 to $500,000. The minimum requirement fee for IRA accounts is $2,000, and for non-IRA accounts, $5,000. Lastly, the company offers palladium, gold, platinum, silver, and rare coins, but their prices are not stated online. 

American Hartford Gold Reviews 

American Hartford Gold has good ratings and reviews online from different platforms, further proving its fantastic services. The company has secured an A+ rating on the Better Business Bureau platform based on 361 reviews as of May 2023. The company has 5 out of 5 stars on the Trustpilot platform from over 1,000 reviews. Lastly, American Hartford Gold has a great 4.9 out of 5 stars from 54 reviews on Google Reviews. 

Noble Gold Investments Reviews

Noble Gold also has fantastic reviews online for a newer company, which has helped the company rise above its competitors. The company has secured an A+ rating on the Better Business Bureau based on 44 reviews as of May 2023. On TrustLink, Noble Gold has a perfect 5 out of 5 stars from 123 reviews, and on Google Reviews, a 4.9 out of 5 stars based on 308 reviews. 

On Consumer Affairs, Noble Gold has a 4.9 out of 5 stars from 148 reviews; on BCA, an AA rating is based on four reviews. 

Pros & Cons of American Hartford Gold

American Hartford Gold has a number of advantages, in addition to being the largest retailer in the industry and the excellent reviews that make it a fantastic company to work with. But alongside these advantages, they are also a couple of cons which are quite expected. The pros and cons are listed below:


  • They have been featured on reputable and well-known news outlets, including Fox News and Newsmax, to prove the company's good reputation further. 
  • American Hartford Gold guarantees low prices on its products and a buyback commitment. 
  • Customers get to enjoy free insured shipping alongside other incentives and promotions.
  • Working with American Hartford Gold guarantees maintenance, free storage, and insurance for about three years.
  • To help investors make informed decisions, the company gives them free discussions with precious metals specialists.


  • Customers wanting to invest in platinum or palladium will have to find another company, as no investments are listed on websites.
  • The minimum requirement to open a gold IRA is $10,000, a disadvantage for people whose financial capacity cannot handle such.
  • The coin pricing information is not listed on the website.

Pros & Cons of Noble Gold Investments

Noble Gold Investments has performed exceptionally well in the precious metals industry as a newer company due to its customer-centered philosophy and great services. The company has some advantages and disadvantages, which are listed below.


  • Noble Gold Investments is one of the most affordable companies in the industry, as the minimum investment fee is $2,000.
  • The Royal Survival Packs is an innovative service that provides coins to customers in cases of emergency and delivers them to their doorstep.
  • The company offers personalized customer care service to its customers.
  • Customers have a wide variety of precious metals, not just the usual gold and silver.
  • Noble Gold offers transparent IRA services.


  • The company does not show coin prices online.
  • The company has limited storage options, and US storage can cost more.


Noble Gold Investments is a perfect choice for new and returning investors – it offers low prices, a wide variety of investment products, and precious metals survival packs. Its prices are lower than American Hartford Gold, but it is a newer company that some investors may not like. 

American Hartford Gold is the largest silver and gold dealer in America, which makes it a great choice for investors. They offer great services, fair prices, and excellent customer service, making them easy to work with. Once you outline your financial capacity and investment goals, it will be easy to choose between both options.