6th Paper: Managing retirement income into very old ages.

This research paper demonstrates how to extend retirement income from a portfolio into very old ages, through 110-plus using longevity tables, without giving up control of the assets in an annuity.

How does living into very old age affect retirement income for those living on their portfolios?


Transition Through Old Age in a Dynamic Retirement Distribution Model


Paper and cover photo, posted with permission from the Financial Planning Association, Journal of Financial Planning, December 2012, by Larry R Frank Sr, John B Mitchell, and David M. Blanchett.

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... and the related research working paper ...

The most recent paper, Transition to Old Age (Superannuation) in a 3-D, Age Based, Dynamic, Serially Connected and Annually Recalculated Retirement Distribution Model is an extension of the age-based paper and researches how longevity tables may be applied to measure and manage retirement income distributions for those who continue to live into their 80's, 90's and 100's. Research by Larry R. Frank Sr., John B. Mitchell, David M. Blanchett.

This paper was presented to the Academy of Financial Services in San Antonio TX, Oct 1 and 2, 2012  (see Proceedings for other papers presented in the past), and the working paper with data is available at Social Sciences Research Network.

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Household Finance eJournal May 10, 2012 (login required).