1st Paper: In Search of Your Numbers

"In Search of Your Numbers" * is a white paper (hasn't gone through an academic review process) referenced in the above Journal of Financial Planning papers. This white paper establishes the background for a method to determine a target end date for withdrawal planning that can be used for both pre- and post-retirees retirement income planning. The objective is to establish a sustainable retirement income, with a low probability that you may outlive that retirement income, based on sound academic thought. This white paper also discusses the application of retirement withdrawal rates to the pre-retiree.


Link to paper:

In Search of Your Numbers paper is available for free download on Social Sciences Research Network (SSRN).


This paper was presented to the Academy of Financial Services in Anaheim CA, October 9th, 2009 (see Proceedings for other papers presented).

Also distributed in:

 Pension Risk Management eJournal
Vol 3, Issue 50, November 02, 2009

 Political Economy: Government Expenditures & Related Policies eJournal
Vol 2, Issue 117, November 05, 2009